We are very lucky to have a Pick-Your-Own farm on the edge of our village. It is a true sign of summer when the Strawberry Fields open for business and we can spend the afternoon picking fruit, playing in the sand pit and drinking tea.

What’s great about the farm is that we can have waste free strawberries. No supermarket bought dull fruit in plastic punnets for us. I admit I do take an old plastic ice cream carton to put the fruit in, but the owner encourages us to re-use our containers which is great.

Having picked quite a lot of fruit we came home and made pink milk (as mentioned here) and I had a go at jam making, which I haven’t done for ages. I was pleasantly surprised with the results – and of course the jam came plastic free (I reused old jam jars, and cut circles from a cereal inner bag for the wax discs)

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