Do you write Thank Yous?

It must be the back to school vibe that we are currently experiencing in our home that’s making me think about putting pen to paper. The washing and unpacking from holiday is finally finished (blog post to come soon on our amazing car free travels) and the kids are back at school. So in a scholarly way I, too, have put out the pens and paper this morning and have decided to write to a few friends.

Writing Thank Yous

I picked up some gorgeous cards from bookshops in Bath and Corsham to write:

  • A ‘Thank You’ to a lovely friend and her family who let us stay with them at the beginning of our holiday.
  • Another ‘Thank You’ to some dear friends in Holland whom we visited at the end of our trip. After nearly four days of travelling it was lovely to stay in their house and, as my eldest was unwell with a migraine, even better to have a comfy bed to rest in. My friend also presented us with one of the best gifts ever: she had rented a small holiday cottage across the road just for me and hubby to stay in while she had the kids!
  • A ‘Thank You’ to an old school friend and her family.They stayed in our house for a few days while we were away. They left the house even cleaner, she had brought me a gorgeous charity shop dress AND they gave us a gift voucher to eat out at our local favourite pub!

Having had a run of birthdays last month (and my middle daughter’s birthday this weekend) I have also been stockpiling Thank You cards for them to write.

Spending the time hand writing thank you cards this morning has really made me think about the people who have given me something over this past month – be it their time, their hospitality or something more material. I often text people to thank them for doing something for me, ie picking up the kids, hosting a meal or a party, organising a day out. However putting pen to paper somehow has more meaning  and when a friend has looked after us, bought us a gift etc it seems only fitting to spend the time sourcing a card, writing and then posting it.

This term I will really try harder to write more ‘thank you’ notes to friends and family. I may even think about handwriting letters again (!)

Do you still write letters and how do you say ‘thank you’?

(On another related note: I must add to my ‘to do’ list some reviews on TripAdvisor of some of the places we stayed, visited, ate at on holiday – another way of saying ‘thank you’)

2 thoughts on “Do you write Thank Yous?

  1. Oh yes, definitely hand-written notes, especially for ‘thank you’s. I have a lovely pen that my mum gave me when I got my Masters, and I love using it to write my letters.
    What lovely friends you have (and they too I’m sure!).
    On cards, I find lots of really nice ones in the Oxfam book shop and also in the various Dorothy House shops, and it’s great to know that all the profit from them is going to something worthwhile.

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