Zero Waste Week (Day One): Top of the class!

Today sees the start of Zero Waste Week. The initiative has been running for eight years and this year’s theme is ‘Re-use’. Having been ill with a rubbish cold over the weekend I feel slightly disorganised for this week but am determined to take part as it’s such a great idea and seems to get bigger every year.

I don’t think I will get anywhere near producing zero waste this week but I will really try to cut down on the rubbish I produce and rethink about those items that would go in the bin – or even the recycling boxes.

With this in mind I started with something very small this morning – a school badge:


returning school badges for Zero Waste Week

My children go to a lovely nurturing village school and one of the things they do at the start of every school year is ask to be a member of a various school council group (School Council, Class Council, Celebration, Food and Sport Councils). Having three children who have, at various times, been on all of these councils means there are a lot of badges that come into our house and only last a year.

I’m not a great one for keeping lots of things for sentimental value and the badges end up hanging around in the bottom of drawers, boxes etc. This school year I was determined to return the badges so that the school could re-use them. In the end I could only find this Class Council badge which my middle daughter had worn last year. Ironically her younger sister has just been given a Class Council role so may end up wearing this very same badge by the end of the week!

2 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week (Day One): Top of the class!

  1. I love this post – just imagine how many badges, certificates and trophies are stuffed in drawers and boxes across the UK. You show perfectly how a simple act could add up to significant imapct; I’m thinking if every parent did this, just how much stuff we’d be able to reuse! Thanks for blogging about zero wasteweek 🙂

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