Zero Waste Week (Day Two): Giving away


I’m only taking baby steps for this year’s Zero Waste Week and am trying to concentrate on one small project at a time. Yesterday I returned an old school badge (we end up with lots of them in our house every year). Today I combined two things that had been nagging at me for a while and used the Zero Waste Week (and current affairs) to give away something we no longer needed.

About twenty years ago we bought a brilliant, good quality Vango three man tent. We stopped using it about thirteen years ago when our youngest was born but kept onto it for occasional camping trips. Along the way, however, it seems to have lost its poles yet the tent itself is still in good condition.

So I’m afraid for the past years it’s sat in the shed as one of those ‘don’t want to throw it away but what can we do with it?’ items. In the meantime we bought some new poles, acquired some old tent pegs and guy ropes and let them all sit together in a pile.

Anyone who tunes into the tv, radio, social media or picks up a newspaper at the moment is aware of how huge an issue there currently is about refugees/migrants travelling to Europe from Africa, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq  (we had our own small experience of the issue while on holiday this summer). Over the past week facebook has galvanised local groups into collecting equipment, clothing and other donations for those who are living in makeshift camps in Calais. So when one local group appealed for tents (even only partial ones) I knew exactly where this tent was going to.

Having checked that it was okay to drop it off with the mismatched poles and pegs I delivered it this morning to a wonderful person who is collecting for Calaid from local villages.

It’s a really small thing, I hope it helps (although I’m aware that financial donations are needed even more – there was an article on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning about this). Zero Waste Week has really made me think about where our possessions go when we no longer have use for them, and whether they can benefit someone else.

4 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week (Day Two): Giving away

  1. I don’t think that’s a small thing at all, Kathryn – think of the difference you might be making to someone. I was really hoping people would tie in zero waste week and the terrible tragedies that are happening right now. Your tent can become someone’s home; how awesome is that. Thanks for caring and inspiring others to rethink their possessions.

  2. Sabine Kathrin Fehr says:

    Hi ,I live near Bath.Is there a contact for Calaid that you could share.I have tent etc of things that they have on their list.Would like to donate it but not able to go to London on the 20th.I hadn’t hered of Calaid at all.Thanks for sharing.

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