Second-hand ‘statement’ necklace

I bought this necklace from a charity shop a couple of weeks ago and have been undecided about it:

second hand necklace

Having sorted out (most of) my wardrobe for the next installment of Project 333 I knew I wanted to get a necklace that I could wear with jumpers. This summer I chose just one silver necklace to wear with all my outfits and I really enjoyed the simplicity of having one item of jewellery that went with everything.

This time I wanted a chunkier necklace which I guess is called a ‘statement’ piece of jewellery (although I’m still not sure what that means). I don’t have many necklaces so decided to ‘splurge’ on a second-hand one.

I bought the necklace pictured above for £2.50. It originally had a tassle which I took off straight away. While it fitted with many of the jumpers I wear I was still undecided. However since I have started wearing it I have received a few compliments, and it’s beginning to grow on me so I think it might stay.


second hand necklace


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