second-hand soft furnishings

We are currently in the middle of redecorating our lounge; repainting and adding a few new touches to it. As always when it comes to buying ‘stuff’ my first question is 1) do we really need it? and 2) can we get it second-hand?

We’ve already scaled down to one (second-hand) sofa and armchair. I decided that we did need a couple of cushions and, as the weather is turning cooler, a throw or two.

Yesterday I was delighted to pick up these two cushions and cosy throw from the local PDSA shop:

second-hand soft furnishings

In total the cushions and throw were £10 (and the sofa originally £35). My next challenge is to try to find some second-hand curtains that fit in with the new colour scheme, and I’d like to get a floor lamp as well. Other touches that we have been working on include bookshelves made from reclaimed floorboards and a new (to us) fireplace that was actually hidden behind our old 1930s one. I hope to post some pictures of that soon, when the work is completed.

One thought on “second-hand soft furnishings

  1. Good principles indeed! My son has just made some really nice kitchen shelves out of old scaffolding boards which he cleaned, sanded and oiled. They look great. It’s amazing what people are happy to give away as well, either in charity shops or on Freegle – a good antidote to the shocking waste I saw when I watched Hugh F-W’s recent TV programmes on waste.

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