#Secondhand First Week: Day One

Last year I took part in #Secondhand First week organised by the people at TRAID: the charity that works to encourage people to re-use and re-wear – rather than throw away – clothes. They promote more sustainable choices about the clothing we  wear and try to improve the working conditions of many of the people who make our clothes in the first place.

During #Secondhand First this week (23-29 November) TRAID is encouraging us to commit to wearing a certain percentage of secondhand clothing. In my opinion by sourcing pre-worn clothing we are:

  1. extending its life
  2. reducing waste
  3. not buying into the fast fashion, badly made (and badly paid) clothing industry

Now it’s not very hard for me to pledge to wear second-hand because that’s most of my wardrobe! This week I have decided that 90% of my outfits would be second-hand (I do use new underwear and my shoes tend to be firsthand).

I will attempt to photograph my outfits every day, detailing what is second-hand. I may also find myself trawling though charity shops, and I hope that others will be encouraged to do so too. Even if you’ve never considered buying second-hand before you may still want to swap with friends at a ‘swish’, or get out the sewing machine and mend, or amend, that outfit that’s been in the back of your wardrobe.

#Secondhand First Week 2015: Day One

Not a particularly exciting outfit but practical and warm: Grey jumper (from second-hand sale); underneath is long sleeved blue t-shirt bought from charity shop; my fantastic TOAST jeans bought second hand in Bath for a tenner.

2 thoughts on “#Secondhand First Week: Day One

  1. What a good idea. I hadn’t heard of this before. I buy quite a bit from charity shops, and give to them too. And like you, I’m trying to be much more thoughtful about buying at all.
    I love that you’re blogging about this, I know that blogs can and do influence people to think and act differently, even if you don’t necessarily know when you’ve helped someone make a change.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your outfits – this one looks great!

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