#Secondhandfirst Week: Day Two

Today is the second day of TRAID’s #secondhandfirst week, encouraging us to wear pre-loved clothing.

As I’d pledged to wear 90% of my clothing as second-hand this week today’s outfit featured lots of layers as I delved into my summer wardrobe.

second-hand White Company pinafore

This summer I bagged another second-hand bargain (see £10 TOAST jeans from yesterday’s post). I picked this blue linen pinafore (originally from The White Company) from my local Oxfam store for £10.99. I wore it all summer long and it became a staple on our three week train trip around Europe.

Although I should have packed it away now the winter is here I find it’s a great dress that can be worn with lots of layers. Today, as I was at work and had a school meeting, I wore it with two pairs of thick tights (new, although the second pair had lost their heels so I turned them into footless tights); second-hand black polo jumper (sourced from a previous Clothes Swap) and new thick blue cardigan.

As I was out and about a lot I did find myself wearing this orange coat – one of my most favourite items in my wardrobe and bought from the Shaw Trust charity shop in Bath. I get lots of comments when I wear this coat and it makes me feel happy every time I put it on. The black beret is new and worn a lot during the colder months and when my hair is a mess.

#secondhandfirst week: second-hand orange coat

2 thoughts on “#Secondhandfirst Week: Day Two

  1. £10.99 for a dress from Oxfam seems quite a lot, though it’s not just about the money, is it?

    I have discovered Leeds Community Clothing Exchange – happens once a month and happening this Saturday. I take in clothes I am tired of and get ‘new’ ones in return (if I see anything I like). I hadn’t realised how bored I was with much of my wardrobe till I started doing the exchange!

  2. I know what you mean about the price tag, although the original price of the dress was £90. I have been planning for ages to do a post on why second-hand clothing is expensive (certainly compared to the Primark/H&M prices we are now used to). The Community Clothing Exchange sounds a great idea – is it free entry? Do you have to pay a donation for the clothes?

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