Black Friday alternatives

Tomorrow (Fri 27th) is Black Friday, a US sales campaign that has, in recent years, migrated to the UK. It’s the day where major retailers slash the prices of their products to encourage us to queue outside stores, fight with other shoppers and sales staff, and bag ‘bargains’ that we don’t really need. (I’m sorry if that sounds really cynical!). Last year I blogged here on my feelings about Black Friday and our local Christmas Market.

As I have no intention of making any purchases on Friday I thought I would have a look for alternatives to Black Friday on the web and have come across these campaigns:

The wonderful, inspiring Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus) have their own thoughts on Black Friday and are encouraging us to give gifts of our time and love, rather than buying materialistic items. They are also talking about #OptOutside, an anti-Black Friday campaign developed by the US outdoor gear store REI, that is closing its stores on Friday.

If you choose to follow REI and head outdoors on Friday you can tweet your thoughts and photos to #OptOutside.

In the UK there’s an alternative to REI’s campaign which I will be following on Friday.

The Wildlife Trust’s ‘Every Child Wild’ campaign is encouraging children to be outside, no matter what the weather. Similarly The Wild Network has started a campaign #WildFriday to get everyone outdoors and away from the mass shopping frenzy this Friday.

Having recently re-discovered our community woodland and the Japanese art of ‘forest bathing’ I intend to pick the kids up from school and head outside for some outdoor play on Black Friday.

Walking in the woods or Shinrin Yoku

2 thoughts on “Black Friday alternatives

  1. We’ve just been for our first cycle in ages – and prompted by my daughter, no less!

    Great that you have pointed out alternatives to Black Friday 🙂

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