#secondhandfirst week: review

This is a snapshot of some of the clothes I wore this week for TRAID’s #secondhandfirst week.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to think about where their clothes come from, who makes them (and what their working conditions are like), and the environmental impact fast fashion has.

If you’re not into trawling around charity shops TRAID have other suggestions such as clothes swaps, mending your own clothes, or just donating any unwanted clothing to charities, including TRAID (who have shops in London).

If you can be persuaded to shop second-hand then welcome to my world!

I started charity shop shopping in my teens and have never looked back! (I’m now in my forties). There are many reasons I buy second-hand but some of them are connected with what TRAID campaign for: encouraging people to wear pre-worn clothes, wear them for longer and be aware of the social, financial and environmental impact the fast fashion industry has.

While I know that someone originally made the clothes I buy from charity shops and that 2,700 litres of water were once used to make the cotton for my second-hand t-shirt, I hope that my purchases extend the lives of these garments.

By shopping at charity shops, clothes swaps, jumble sales and car boot sales I’m also opting out of the fast fashion phenomenon that can see clothing lines constantly being changed. I also know that what I wear will be not be seen on anyone else and that I saved money (as well as gave it to charity).

I hope others may be persuaded to join me in my continuing second-hand quest…



2 thoughts on “#secondhandfirst week: review

  1. I love the red coat. Keep on plugging the need for less fast fashion. I’ve just realised I haven’t bought anything new for myself this year – I hadn’t specifically aimed to do that but it just happened. Anyway, it feels weird looking at first hand clothes now!

  2. Well done, and thanks for blogging about this.
    I’ve just started my Christmas shopping – so far just a few books, all from the Oxfam bookshop in Bath, and all things I know that the recipient will enjoy (and in one case definitely wants!). Planning to make Christmas gifts this year all second hand or home made or fair-trade or edible, or some combination of all four.

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