I bought something new!!

Having worn 90% second-hand clothing last week it came as quite a shock this week when I purchased something BRAND NEW! And it was expensive (by my standards anyway!)

With my birthday (and Christmas) just round the corner, I decided to splash out and buy a black jumpsuit from a department store in a shopping centre!

I have been deliberating about buying a sleeveless jumpsuit for the past couple of years. When it comes to buying brand new things I tend to be a ditherer and never rush into making a decision. I had wondered if I would be too short to carry a jumpsuit off (I’m 5’3″), and wanted one that would look acceptable on someone who is turning 44 (ie not mutton dressed as lamb).

However after trying on a couple I fell in love with this one, which fits perfectly and has cuffed ankles which means even someone with short legs (like me) can wear it.

new black jumpsuit

It was pricey, although slightly reduced, but I know I will wear it a lot over the next few years. As much as I love second-hand shopping and the thrill of wearing something that no one else has, there are times when a shop-bought item fits the bill (and my dress size) perfectly. It will still be teemed with my second-hand blue velvet jacket and charity shop statement necklace anyway.

3 thoughts on “I bought something new!!

  1. I reckon that if you feel great in something, you’ll look great in it. And never, ever, think you can’t wear something because of an arbitrary birthday number!
    As we say in my family/culture when someone gets something new, “I wish you well to wear it!” . May you and it have some happy occasions together – enjoy!

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