What to wear to a 70s themed party?

It’s a dilemma every girl has….

As you read this I may be suffering from a hangover but last night we held a 70s/80s/90s themed party in our village pub. This has become an annual event and always seems to come on the most depressing Saturday of the year (mid January, a long way from pay day etc). Coupled with the bad news about the passing of Bowie* (and may I add Alan Rickman) there seemed even more of a need to cast our troubles aside and get on the dance floor…

The party is dead simple: we hire the pub’s function room (£35), create our own playlist and let the festivities begin. We decorate the walls with album covers.

And nearly everyone who comes along gets dressed up. For the past few years I have stuck to the 80s for my clothing inspiration, but this time I wanted to go back to the 1970s and so last week I went shopping for an outfit.

I had a quick trawl through the Yellow Shop in Bath which has a good selection of vintage clothing.


I also popped into the Julian House charity shop which has a dedicated vintage section. I chose two pink nylon dresses to try on but forgot what I was writing about in this post about vintage clothing, ie dress sizes have changed. A size 14 from the 60s/70s is now a size 10 and there was no way I could even zip them up!


I then went along to the new Dorothy House vintage shop in Bath. This such a gem! It has a ground floor filled with classic outfits and accessories and on the next floor is a lovely coffee shop (post to follow).

Dorothy House Vintage Clothing Shop, Bath

I found these two 70s classics to try on:

vintage 1970s outfits: blue evening dress and black jumpsuit

This dress made me feel like Margot Leadbetter (from The Good Life). It fitted well but was slightly too long:

1970s evening dress

This £12 (!) jumpsuit, though, was the outright winner!

1970s inspired flared jumpsuit

Although it has flared trousers and the plunging neckline is reminiscent of Studio 54 style I don’t think it’s originally from the seventies. The label states that it’s made in China and is composed of polyester and spandex. According to the brilliant Vintage Fashion Guild website here spandex wasn’t widely used in clothing until the eighties.

The jumpsuit fitted perfectly. Funnily enough it’s the second black jumpsuit I’ve bought in two months having never worn one before. I love wearing them as I still think they are dressy but low maintenance (you don’t have to shave your legs to wear them). I wore the jumpsuit with these lovely silver shoes I picked up for £1 in an Oxfam sale:

silver shoes from Oxfam


Couple with some oversized sunglasses I felt like Liza Minelli at Studio 54

Liza Minnelli, Studio 54

what to wear to a seventies themed party

I am seriously tempted to wear the jumpsuit again, although I think I’ll remove the gold studs from the sleeves. I’ve recently discovered the brilliant Over 40s fashion blog, Fake and Fabulous, and Sam has a great post here about wearing jumpsuits. I will be following some of her tips and ensuring the seventies lives on….

*we did, of course, include a Bowie tribute segment.

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