What Women Wear (and how we are judged)

Wow it’s been a little while since I last posted. Last month I was fortunate enough to do some volunteering work for the Soil Association and have been busy doing that and other family stuff.

I’ve still had loads of post ideas, though, and my admin page is full of half-finished drafts of things I want to write about.

However this week I came across a story that got me thinking and fired up to write a completely new post about What Women Wear (and how we are judged).

Sunday night saw the annual Academy Award/Oscars ceremony in Hollywood, where all the women have to dress in designer gowns with immaculate hair, makeup etc. It almost seems secondary as to whether they win awards. What I hate most about this event is the after ceremony commentary about ‘best dressed’ and ‘worst dressed’, which is nearly all about the female attendees.

Imagine how appalled I was, then, to see the reaction of some of the ‘well dressed’ guests when British costumer designer, Jenny Beavan, strolled down the aisle to receive her Oscar (video here). Ms Beavan has won two Oscars (nominated a further 8 times); two Emmys and 3 BAFTAS. She won this year for her creations for Mad Max but was also responsible for the costumes in The Kings Speech, A Room with A View and Gosford Park to name a few.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 28: Costume designer Jenny Beavan, winner of the Best Costume Design award(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Costume designer Jenny Beavan, winner of the Best Costume Design award(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Some of the attendees looked on in horror and failed to clap as this highly acclaimed designer sauntered down the aisle in her normal body wearing trousers, casual scarf and a black jacket (reportedly from M&S) with a Mad Max flaming skull encrusted on the back.

Image Credit AP

Image Credit AP

Good for her! She makes beautiful costumes and she can bloomin’ well wear what she wants – even if the Hollywood elite don’t agree. (And as she is in such demand and armed with pins and scissors low and behold if she ends of designing costumes for them in the future!)

As I was seething about the way Ms Beavan had been treated on the red carpet (she had also been called a ‘bag lady’ at last month’s BAFTAs), I came across this brilliant post from Melanie and her blog A Bag and a Beret. Melanie has wonderful idiosyncratic style and I love all of her outfit posts. She even created a Freakish Yellow Skirt which now travels the world to be worn by other like minded bloggers. Her post this week was about how critical other women can be of personal style, especially when as a ‘mature’ woman what you wear doesn’t fit with what is expected of you. Melanie’s post was both sad and affirming and came at the perfect time. If Jenny Beavan had been reading it I’m sure she would have agreed!

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5 thoughts on “What Women Wear (and how we are judged)

  1. I know! I was floored by the clip I saw. Gulp. REEEAlly?! Shameful. Absolutely shameful. Thank you for the shout-out, especially for the Yellow Skirt. There’s room for everybody.

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