Sign from Rubha Phoil campsite, Skye

Welcome to my second-hand tales blog where I chronicle my adventures in second-hand shopping, and other greenish ventures.

I also post a weekly list of all my Thrifty Finds (see here) ,  The idea is not to just share any secondhand purchases I may have made, but also list those things I have repaired, recycled, donated, re-used – or just decided not to buy. I would love to hear from you as well so please share your Thrifty Finds every Monday

I hope you enjoy reading my random(ish) posts: please leave a comment on any post that interests you – or you could  follow me on instagram


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Joanne says:

    Hi I have just found your blog😀 I also like to make do and mend when possible. I will have a look through your archives soon. I don’t have any other social media. So enjoy reading blogs, can you recommend any blogs?

  2. Ah Joanne thank you for your comment! Take a look at my Blog Roll on the website but I would really recommend Eco Thrifty Living, Plastic is Rubbish, The Magic Jug and the archives from My Make Do and Mend life (Jen is no longer blogging on this site but does do regular podcasts and has set up her own YouTube channel). All the best 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness Kathryn – the cost of school uniforms is scandalous! I get so cross when I see (state) schools like some of those in Bath choosing uniforms that can’t possibly be bought from ordinary shops. I see it as a way of dissuading poorer families from applying for places there. They may not intend it that way, but that’s the effect.
    For a period of my childhood I had free school meals and a uniform grant, and there was no spare money to provide any bits of uniform the grant wouldn’t stretch to, so I had to wear the thick green (hideous!) pinafore dress all through a sweltering summer. Experiences like that stay with you (and so they should!).

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