Unfinished sewing….

I have a pile of half finished sewing projects.

piles of unfinished sewing

Some have been hanging around for a couple of years and others are new(ish). At present I am trying to turn these old pair of jeans into a denim skirt.

turning jeans into a skirt

It’s a very slow work in progress. I am rubbish at following instructions and prefer to learn by doing it myself. This means I invariably make mistakes, have to unpick fabric and start again. I don’t have a dedicated sewing area but, instead, work at the kitchen table. This means that at every mealtime I have to pack my equipment away. And when it’s packed away it is sometimes hard to motivate myself to get everything out and try again.

In the words of Virginia Woolf, I would like a room of my own in which to create, sew and write. (But I would still need some self-motivation to finish those sewing projects off…)

Virginia Woolf: A Room of One's Own

Does anyone else have unfinished piles of sewing?

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9 thoughts on “Unfinished sewing….

  1. Sewing, knitting, crochet…. then there’s the mosaic project to make use of bits and pieces I’ve found over the years on the allotment, the pallets collected to make an allotment fence, the old bits of metal that will come in handy one day…. Etc. But you have to keep hoping (intending) that one day….. Just don’t give up (although occasionally its time to recognise that something is one project too much)

  2. Oh, unfinished sewing projects. I’m in the process of making a pair of pyjamas for my daughter but, like you, I find following instructions difficult. However, at least, the pieces are in sight, so I just need a day when I don’t have too much other stuff to do – the garden takes priority at the moment.

      • Yes, it does seem that sewing is at the bottom of the list!

        However, today I am determined to do some sewing….. I was hoping it would rain so that I could feel good about staying indoors rather than out in the garden or decorating. Since it is currently sunny, therefore, I am torn, as it seems silly not to make hay while the sun shines. But if I don’t finish the pyjamas soon, my daughter will be too big for them!

  3. When I saw your post title in my reader, I clicked through right away because yes, I have piles of sewing and repairs. I still have a favorite sweater to mend from three sizes and nearly twenty years ago. I have buttons to sew on my granddaughter’s long-outgrown dress, which will soon fit her little sister. I also have a set of napkins I cut, pinned and pressed for hemming nine years ago. Those are the projects I know about. Who knows what else is lurking in my sewing basket!

    Like you, I have to haul everything out, work on it, then put it away again. Add to that, my eyesight isn’t as good as it once was and i cannot find any combination of glasses on or off that helps me see what I’m stitching. Time to take these things to the dry cleaner and let their seamstress mend them!

    • Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only one and, yes, I can totally relate to the eyesight/glasses thing! I help to run a regular Repair Cafe so really should get the seamstress there to give me a hand. But what I think I need most of all is motivation – and honesty when I know I just have to give up on some projects.

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