Time for ice cream…. my new (to me) ice cream maker


The weather has really changed this week and, with temperatures increasing every day, it’s the perfect time for ice lollies and ice cream. While I’ve always struggled with home made ice lollies (and getting them out of the moulds) I have been on the lookout for an ice cream maker for the past year as I really want to make my own at home.

As with everything I search for, my first stop is second-hand. After some searching I located this simple ice cream maker from the local British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical shop. It was on sale for £10 (well £5 in the sale but I wasn’t going to quibble when they charged the pre-sale price: these places are charity shops after all).

ice cream makerThe instructions are slightly confusing and printed from the web, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

At present I’m using just three ingredients to make the ice cream:

  1. custard (either tinned or homemade)
  2. double cream
  3. fruit or flavouring

I’ve made vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and this afternoon I’ve had a go at mixed berry and banana.

home made ice cream

The ice cream is really easy to make and, if the weather continues to rise, will be a really easy treat/pudding for us. I can’t say it’s plastic free as the cream comes in a carton and, sadly, our local pick-you-own farm has now closed 😦


handpicked strawberries

2 thoughts on “Time for ice cream…. my new (to me) ice cream maker

  1. Our local pick-your-own has closed, too!

    I got an ice cream maker last year and found sorbet to come out the best – though technique could be the issue here. That said, I feel better about making sorbet anyway, in view of the cream in plastic situation.

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