A skip-diving find from the local tip!


New (to me) tea caddy rescued from a skip


Last Sunday, on one of the hottest days of the year, my husband and I found ourselves at the local household recycling centre offloading garden rubbish. I hate going to the ‘Tip’ and always feel it’s a personal failing if I’ve not been able to recycle, mend or give away the items beforehand. However there is a lot of recycling and re-using that goes on at the centre(for a start I was able to recycle our tetra paks).

While I hadn’t intended to do any skip diving there (which I know is not allowed) I did spot this wonderful tin sitting at the top of a skip.

Tea caddy


So I took it home, gave it a clean and put it on my kitchen shelf. I needed somewhere to store my other teas, as the regular English Breakfast goes in this green Liptons tin which I found at a jumble sale about 25 years ago!


green tea caddy and tea cup



7 thoughts on “A skip-diving find from the local tip!

    • There’s definitely an informal ‘swapping’ going on at the tip, though, as I saw someone pick up some lovely old wooden crates that were being disposed of. I know that the local site works with charities to recondition and re-sell some white goods but it would be great if the smaller items could be ‘saved’ too. Guess it’s a matter of staffing and our tips in Wiltshire have had lots of opening hour and staff cuts.

    • I agree. I’ve seen people putting decent sofas and chairs in the tip – I wonder though if these are then rescued for the shop on the sight. Or maybe the furniture had been contaminated with something which made it non-viable as secondhand goods.

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