Plastic Free July Days 1-6

plastic free July

This month is Plastic Free July, an idea originating from Australia that encourages us to give up single use plastic for a month.

I haven’t completely made up my mind as to whether I will actively take part in Plastic Free July this year. I participated a couple of years ago (post here) and really struggled with finding alternatives that matched a)my time and b)budget.

However I like to think I have learned a lot since that experience, and incorporated some of the plastic-free habits into my everyday life.

So, with this in mind, I’ve set up a very loose guide as to how I am going to participate in Plastic Free July this time:

  1. Continue with my ‘good habits’, that is to take reusable shopping bags, refuse plastic straws and disposable cutlery and, instead, bring my own.
  2. Refuse the top four single use plastic sources: carrier bags, straws, takeaway coffees and plastic bottles. I do most of that already (see above) but could be better with the latter two.
  3. Not beat myself up if I make a ‘fail’.

So, since the beginning of July, I have gone out and about with my new(ish) reusable bamboo coffee cup:


I have carried water in my brilliant Lakeside container that keeps drinks hot or cold:



We managed a plastic-free picnic for school sports day last Friday:


I also undertook a mammoth baking session at the weekend to ensure we had lots of unwrapped, homecooked snacks



I have, however, been not so good when it comes to plastic wrapping. I went to the cinema and bought a packet of Maltesers (although I also took my water bottle instead of buying a plastic bottle there); went shopping with my youngest and bought a few things wrapped in plastic; bought trainers online that came in a plastic bag.

As much as I think I have fairly good habits when it comes to refusing plastic and waste, it is only a drop in the ocean. But when I look at how far I have come since before participating in Plastic Free July in 2014 it is quite a distance….

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