Plastic Free July: Failing to plan…

So, despite the fact that I have been trying to avoid some single use plastic for the past couple of years I still slip up by failing to plan. Sometimes I can be very good and take a  trip out with my disposable coffee cup/water bottle, spork, napkin and reusable bags.

But there are also times when I don’t think ahead. For example this week I went to see the wonderful Billy Bragg in concert (a great, therapeutic post-Brexit experience).

But I hadn’t even clocked that, at the bar, drinks would be served in disposable plastic glasses. This is something that is so obvious and, as someone who works the bar in an Arts Centre, I should have known this. Of course, because I couldn’t go without a pint of the local brew, ‘Funky Monkey’, I had to order the drinks in the plastic pint glasses.

What makes me even more cross with myself is that we have two reusable plastic pint glasses picked up from last year’s festivals:

reusuable plastic pint glasses

So, next time I go to a gig I must remember to take one of these. Sometimes I feel I need a crystal ball to predict what sort of disposable plastic products I will be faced with on a day to day business. And if I packed for every eventuality I would have a very heavy bag….

Still it’s all a learning experience and, as I promised myself, I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

On an unexpected positive note this week I ordered a t-shirt which, although it did arrive in a plastic bag, had only this fabric label attached:

Redbubble label

The label explains the care instructions and points customers towards its returns website. I was also very impressed that it was attached to the t-shirt with the wooden clothes peg, rather than those awful plastic tags that end up lost on the floor when you cut them off!

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3 thoughts on “Plastic Free July: Failing to plan…

  1. Oh, plastic tags – you don’t have to consciously be wanting to avoid plastic to loathe those! I bought some socks recently (from Sainsbury) which were so wrapped in plastic to make these tags unnecessary (ie there were none).

    Anyway, I ended up with unexpected plastic forks the other day. I’m so used to cardboard packaging and bamboo forks where I work, I simply hadn’t expected polystyrene and plastic to be used at one stall at our staff festival. Whenever I inadvertently find myself in this position (confronted by unwanted single use plastic), I try to take it home. The tray didn’t make it but the forks live on at home.

    No doubt a plastic glass at a gig is a bit hard to keep intact for home use …… Such a shame that other aspects of people’s behaviour make glass a potentially dangerous choice. Maybe wooden goblets would make a suitable alternative?

    • Just re-read my comment – ‘socks wrapped in plastic’ should have read ‘cardboard’. So, no plastic at all, apart from the glue for the label.

  2. Yes like you if I do find myself with ‘disposable’ plastic utensils I do try to reuse them. The reusable plastic pint glasses are quite sturdy. I got the Jamie’s Farm one from the festival I worked at last year. You paid for it with your first drink and then reused it all weekend long. It’s pretty sturdy and gets used a lot at home. Unfortunately when I was helping to clear up at the end of the festival there were a lot that had been discarded,so I’m not quite sure if it achieved its aim…

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