Teacher’s gifts: this time I’ve failed….


Looking back to my 2015 posts I realise it was this time last year that I wrote about my own struggle with teacher’s thank you gifts (see here). In the past we have hand made gifts, carefully sourced plastic free ones and also bought a bulk hamper for all teachers and staff to share.

But this year due to a lack of time and money I have put the brakes on and we will not be giving out thank you gifts. Although my eldest is now at secondary school and doesn’t hand out thank yous, my younger two still have nine teachers and teaching assistants between them.

While I have bought some simple cards for each member of staff, and the girls have personally written in them,I just can’t manage the time (or commit the money) to either making or buying gifts.

Which is something I feel really bad about. Quite a few of the teachers and assistants are personal friends and I know how hard they work to create a very special, caring school environment.

But if I can’t afford to buy the gifts, or even the time to make them, then I’m afraid this is one thing on my ‘Summer to do’ list that will have to slip by. I’ll try and be better organised for Christmas….


What do you think? Do you make, or buy thank you gifts to hand out at the end of the year? Are you a teacher or TA and do you really appreciate these gifts?

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9 thoughts on “Teacher’s gifts: this time I’ve failed….

  1. My daughter takes things in we have grown or made so I don’t do end of year gifts. I’m a teacher and I know how much gifts are appreciated (I work in higher education) but to give one just because seems a tad insincere.

  2. I used to teach and I didn’t like getting end of year/Christmas presents from the children/parents. I’m vegan so couldn’t eat the chocolates that were bought and there’s only so many ‘teacher’ themed gifts you can use! It’s lovely to get a sustainable/homemade/etc present, but getting presents and ‘stuff’ makes me quite stressed – I really appreciate a nice thank you card though so what you’ve done this year sounds perfect to me! 🙂

  3. I agree with Susie, the ex-teacher, above. A thank you note, and genuine verbal appreciation throughout the year, goes a long way. When my children were growing up, my then husband was a teacher. We thanked our children’s teachers throughout the year, knowing how hard they worked, but we did not buy them gifts. We simply didn’t have the money. I made most gifts back then, but even the supplies were a stretch to cover family and a few close friends for birthdays, anniversaries and during the holidays. Lot of work!

  4. Barbara says:

    My husband taught for many years and it seemed to be an
    unspoken assumption (by the school? by the parents?) that teachers
    were given presents. I thought it was just an Australian thing but
    obviously not. Much of the time, he was in schools in fairly affluent
    areas so he’d actually be given things we appreciated – nice bottles
    of wine., fancy fruit and nut baskets. Other times he’d end up with
    stuff (crap, really) that went straight to the op shop. The worst were
    anything Christmas themed – we barely celebrate Christmas (and
    don’t decorate the house) so they certainly were a waste of the
    parents’ money!

  5. Nadine says:

    I’ve only taught middle school teenagers so far, so if I ever get a written thank you it just makes my whole day. They have expressed their gratitude verbally as well, which is also wonderful. I would rather get written or verbal thanks than gifts, but that’s just me. Chocolate is fun too haha especially when gifted at the end of the year when we really need it ;). You are very thoughtful to show your gratitude to your kids’ teachers. I’m sure they really appreciate it!

  6. Thank you Barbara and Nadine. I did make a point of thanking one of the teachers personally when I met with her yesterday – will try to do the same with the other ones this week. When I volunteered at the school I did notice there were a lot of ‘Best Teacher’ mugs in the staffroom and it got me thinking about who is making the money from these end of year thank you gifts!

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