Upcycled garden sheds


garden shed, made from two old sheds and fence panel

My very clever husband has spent the last few days building four sheds for our garden. Like our house, our garden is very small (we only have one garden as the back of our house is joined onto another). With three growing children we really need to maximise the space we have and so this summer we have lots of plans.

First of all we/he removed the three old sheds that were taking up too much space in the garden. We had a good sort out and recycled, freecycled and threw away stuff that we no longer needed (a liberating experience). He then made use of the old sheds, as well as an old fence panel from a friend, and made these four storage areas:

upcycled garden sheds

(l-r: garden shed for tools etc, wood store, closed bin shed, lift up storage chest for outdoor games and chairs)

The doors on the left hand and two far right sheds were taken from our old sheds. Some of the panelling was reconstructed from the old fence panel. We did buy some new material from B&Q, but found that we didn’t need as much of it after all.

I’m really pleased with the shed for the bin.

bin shed

Having only one garden we struggle with where to store our bins. In fact, this venture has forced me to contact the council and get rid of our large plastic & cardboard recycling bin. We only put it out for collection once a month/every six weeks so we have asked for a replacement canvas bag that will be a lot easier to store.

I have also discovered that I quite like organising sheds (?!) and have enjoyed decluttering and then re-ordering the tool shed.


The location of the sheds against the house wall has freed up some much needed space. We now have a pleasant area in which to sit and the sheds have been relocated to a far more practical location.


upcycled sheds









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4 thoughts on “Upcycled garden sheds

  1. Your sheds look very smart!

    Great to hear you were able to get a canvas bad to replace the plastic/paper waste bin. I will find out from my council if they offer this option as like you, we only put the bin out infrequently.

    I wish I had the capacity to build my own shed as I surely need one…

  2. My other half takes all the credit! Honestly we’ve been looking at doing this for years and had considered buying expensive ready made sheds which would have cost hundreds. By the way I had to speak to three different people in the council to get my bin replaced but should be worth the effort (when it arrives). Have a good weekend 🙂

  3. This looks amazing – well done both of you for the construction and the organisation! It’s so satisfying to get things in order. How is the canvas recycling bag working out for you? We’ve just switched to one for paper and cardboard. I think I prefer it!

  4. Oh the canvas bag! Am just about to call the council to chase it as after five weeks it hasn’t shown. I knew it wouldn’t be easy as I had to speak to three separate people in the council in the first place -and one of them told me we couldn’t swap the bin for the bag, unless we got rid of all the other bins and swapped to plastic bin bags! But we’ll get there eventually….. Thank you for your lovely comment on the sheds 🙂

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