Corsham Repair Cafe celebrates its third year!

Corsham Repair Cafe September 19th 2015

Today our Repair Cafe celebrated its third birthday! What began as an idea inspired by the Dutch movement ( has now marked three years at The Pound arts centre in Corsham, where I work.

Since 2013 we have made nearly 200 repairs which means these items have not gone to landfill. Our volunteers have helped people to fix broken toasters, clothing, chairs and even a puppet. Today’s items included a backpack, pair of trousers, coffee machine and a lamp.

backpack being mended at Corsham Repair Cafe via

Sadly this Kenwood record player couldn’t be fixed with the materials that were available, but we’re hopeful the owner will be able to pick up a replacement belt online:

Kenwood record player at Corsham Repair Cafe via

And we all finished with a well deserved slice of cake! Happy Birthday Corsham Repair Cafe!

Corsham Repair Cafe: third birthday

5 thoughts on “Corsham Repair Cafe celebrates its third year!

  1. We have had a repair cafe in Farnham Surrey for 2 years and it has been very successful. Our repair rate is 64%, and we have more people getting interested in it.

    • That’s pretty impressive! We’ve reached a bit of a crossroads with ours and are looking at running it with another local town so that people in North Wiltshire will have more choice of location. We actually struggle with getting people to come to the Repair Cafe with their broken items, so any suggestions gladly welcome 🙂

      • Kathryn, it’s publicity I’m afraid. Try flyers, banners outside the venue, local radio (there is precedent for this), take videos and plug on YouTube, even the local TV station. Good luck.

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