This week’s Thrifty Finds


This Week's Thrifty Finds via

Welcome to a new series I’m introducing on the blog. As you may know, from reading this, I love a (second-hand) bargain: whether it’s from a charity shop, swapped, recycled, or for free. So I thought I would start to collect my ‘thrifty finds’ together and write about them every week. And it would be great if you could share your Thrifty Finds too.

They don’t have to be charity shop purchases and, in fact, you don’t have to have paid a penny for them. I think it would just be great to share those things that have made life easier this week by saving money, and – by being a conscious consumer – reducing our impact on the planet.

Examples could include:

  • saving food waste by being inventive with leftovers
  • fixing something, rather than throwing it away
  • did someone give you an item they no longer wanted, or did you give something away to a good home/cause?
  • or you could write about how you chose not to buy something because you didn’t really need it (that’s being thrifty, right?)

So I’ll start…

  1. Last week I chanced upon the opening day of the new-look Save the Children shop in Bath (post here). I picked up this orange jumper for £4 which I have already worn A LOT:

thrifted jumper via

2.On the same trip I also got this M&S burgundy top for a reduced price of £2.50 from the Shaw Trust shop:

second-hand burgundy top

3. My workplace was getting rid of some Blue-Ray dvds so I got these ones:


4. Late September/early October is also a great time for foraging. We’ve been out a few times picking blackberries and have made two crumbles and also frozen a load for use later in the winter. We’ve also started to pick apples and pears from the small fruit trees in our garden.



5. I’ve continued to make bread using our second-hand breadmaker and bake a few cakes, which saves on buying these items from the shop.

What about you, what are your Thrifty Finds for the past week?

You can also share your Thrifty Finds on my facebook page, or use #thriftyfinds on Twitter or instagram

2 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds

  1. Love those colours!
    I was thrilled this week to find my dream coat in the Dorothy House shop near my house – purple velvet Boden coat, in my size! It’s in the freezer at the moment (we’ve had moth problems, so I don’t take any chances). Then it will be washed, and I’m sure worn (and worn and worn!!). I paid £30, which given the quality of it and the price they are new, and the fact that every penny of it goes to the charity, seemed reasonable to me.

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