This week’s Thrifty Finds

So, welcome to the second installment of This Week’s Thrifty Finds.

This past week my Thrifty Finds have been:

  1. We’ve started to introduce the kids to ‘Friends’ and have been able to pick up Series 1,2, 7, 9 & 10 at charity shops for a bargain £2.50 per series.I’ve really enjoyed watching them again and forgot how funny each episode is. We’ve just finished Season One which, looking back, is pretty dated (no one has mobile phones and the clothes are definitely nineties!), but we’ve still found ourselves cracking up.

thrifted Friends series via

2. I donated a bag of children’s clothes to the Air Ambulance donation bin at school:

clothes donation bin via


3. It’s been a good week for getting food for free. I picked some apples and pears from our small trees in the garden. I enjoyed blackberrying around the village and also helping myself to some apples that were left for free outside a couple of houses.

Food for free


4. We used up all our leftovers in one of our meals this week.

On a not so great note I found myself spending £15 on something I didn’t want and definitely didn’t need! I went to a candle selling party at a friends and, despite going with a set budget, found there was nothing I could buy. So I ended up getting a candle for £15. It wasn’t even a soy candle which at least would be slightly better for the environment. Does anyone have any tactics for going to parties like this? I really wanted to support my friend and did have a good evening. I just didn’t want to appear ‘tight’ by not buying anything at all.

What were your Thrifty Finds for the past week?

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5 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds

  1. It is frustrating when you feel obliged to buy something, especially when the choices are not in line with something can feel comfortable purchasing. £15 for a candle is pretty steep. Still, I guess that is one Christmas present sorted.

    Fortunately, I’ve not been invited to a party where the idea is to be sold something since I was 15. I can understand why we had loads of Tupperware when I was a kid, though 😉.

    • Ha ha yes Tupperware parties were the start of it all and I think my mum still has some from the seventies, which at least proves its longevity. These kind of selling parties are quite big round here. Although we live in a small village there is an army base on the edge and many of the military wives use these selling parties as a way to get out and make a bit of money. I was talking to my husband about why men don’t have these sort of peer to peer selling parties. The only thing we could come up with (which is probably quite sexist) is selling tools, although he’d probably end up spending more than £15….

  2. Barbara says:

    I hate those selling parties and generally find an excuse not to go
    (although I will admit it’s difficult when it’s a friend – sometimes I’ll
    cave in and go but not buy anything). That said, a candle party is one
    I’d happily go to since I love candles. The big one here is a clothing
    chain called Postie that sells expensive ugly clothes and they really
    pressure you to buy. A friend of mine ended up with a $200 coat she
    didn’t even want and has never worn.

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