This Week’s Thrifty Finds

This Week's Thrifty Finds via

welcome! week four’s Thrifty Finds were quite conservative in comparison to the previous weeks’.

Autumn leaves from

1. We had a low key half term holiday which included getting crafty with some ‘free’ natural resources, such as conkers and leaves.

Thrifty Finds: decorating conkers via


2. I was given a winter coat which is perfect for my middle child to wear.

3. In return I donated some jewellery that had been given to me by a friend.

4. We didn’t do much charity shop shopping. We are still searching for Seasons 3-7 of Friends and, despite trawling the shops, could only find Series 10 (in nearly every charity shop we stepped into!). However one of my daughters picked up a bargain Harry Potter cloak for just £3 (and she is a big Harry Potter fan!). Halloween costume sorted!

Second hand Harry Potter robe


5. We made use of our three year season pass for the Roman Baths and Fashion Museum in Bath, and toured the new exhibition ‘History of Fashion in 100 objects’

what were your Thrifty Finds this past week? Did you do any crafty activities with little ones?

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