This week’s Thrifty Finds – and an inspiring documentary (for free)

Last week we were back into the swing of school routine and starting to think about Christmas (eek!)

This past week my Thrifty Finds have been:

1. Halloween took place last Monday and we were able to dip into our trusty bag of second-hand costumes and accessories to decorate. We have charity shop costumes and buckets, and a spider’s web made from some netting I picked up at the local scrap store years ago. Apart from buying some sweets we didn’t spend anything and made sure the plastic tat had another year’s life in it

2. I donated some unwanted jewellery to a charity shop (this is the season to clear out the clutter so I think there will be a few more trips to charity shops before the end of the year)

3. I had kept some plums in the fridge for over a month yet I was still able to bake with them at the weekend.

4. Not quite a Thrifty Find but the bloomin candle turned up this week and – I have to admit – I have got quite a lot of use out of it ! I don’t normally treat myself but the candle has been quite a lovely addition to the house. I deliberately chose a ‘timeless’ fragrance (sun kissed linen’) and it’s actually really nice….


5. And finally I got to watch, for free, the new Leonardo DiCaprio documentary on climate change: ‘Before the Flood’. It was free to watch on YouTube over the weekend. It’s powerful stuff: depressing but also offering solutions such as a carbon tax and looking at places like China who create more renewable energy than anywhere else on the planet. There are great opportunities afoot to slow down climate change, but there needs to be the political will too. And the film argues that the political will comes from us, the people. See more about the documentary here:


What were your Thrifty Finds for the past week?

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4 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds – and an inspiring documentary (for free)

  1. I watched that movie for free too. I just wish that the politicians would watch it. It feels like such a long project tackling green issues from the grass roots, and we need action NOW. My big thrifty find last week was a newish model Sodastream machine for $12NZ at the Hospice shop. No horrible syrups for us though – it’s just for sparkling lemon water.

  2. Yes, I saw the film today as well. It’s up on the National Geographic website, so it can still be viewed by anyone interested. Sadly, I think it will mostly be viewed by people who are already doing as much as they can but it was enlightening (e.g. seeing what China is doing). Makes a refreshing change to see some new perspectives from around the world. Horrifying what big business will do to keep itself in profits – though I’m hardly surprised!

    Anyway, I am accumulating stuff for my next trip to the charity shop. My daughter made a Halloween costume out of old clothes which I didn’t even prompt her to do – hopefully, she will carry her natural thrift into adult life 😉

  3. Yes I was quite surprised by the work that China is doing, and the opportunities that countries like India could make. But it does seem to rely on political will adn financial incentives…. The homemade Halloween costume sounds far better than any throwaway supermarket outfit. Sadly my husband spent £10 on two vampire capes that were no better than bin bags (packaged in a bag so he couldn’t see what they were like before he bought them) 😦

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