Thrifty Finds

This Week's Thrifty Finds via

Did you have any Thrifty Finds this past week? Or was there something you didn’t buy – and feel proud because of that? I really feel we should celebrate those things we choose not to purchase as well, especially as it gets closer to the season of mass consumption.

This past week my Thrifty Finds were:

  1. A neighbour had a huge wheelbarrow of apples to give away. I helped myself to a few and made some more stewed apple to freeze (I now have a few containers of apple and blackberry frozen for later use)
  2. I started my pre-Christmas de-cluttering and put some unwanted clothing up for sale on a local facebook site.
  3. I also donated another bag of clothing to the clothing bank at school.
  4. I picked up a couple of books I’ve wanted to read for ages from the book swap at work (only just noticed they’ve both got ‘life’ in them!)

Free books via book swap from

5. We really needed some new picture frames as a couple of old ones had broken. I picked a couple up from the Save the Children shop for 50p each. At last we can frame a beautiful picture that a friend gave us eighteen months ago!

Second hand picture frame via


What were your Thrifty Finds for the past week?

You can also share your Thrifty Finds on my facebook page, or use #thriftyfinds on Twitter or instagram

5 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds

  1. I tried reading Life after life – found it a bit too traumatic but I will perhaps pick it up again in the future. Great finds for you, though.

    My thrifty find was at the scrap store: 600g of alpaca wool for £4!!!

    I’ve just put my old language dictionaries on Freegle, which means I now have more space on shelves which I plan to make into kitchen storage 😊.

  2. I love that framed picture. My latest find is a recent model Sodastream for $12NZ with a full gas bottle in it. I’m using soda and lemon to help me reduce the desire for a little glass of wine, so totally win/win.

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