This week’s Thrifty Finds


This Week's Thrifty Finds via

This past week was a busy one as I worked a lot. However I still have a few Thrifty Finds to write about:

And it would be great if you could share your Thrifty Finds too.


  1. More apples! I think I’m the only person helping myself to the wheelbarrow of apples on the walk to school. By the end of the week they were getting quite wet and, on Friday,  covered in snow! However I managed to make an apple cake and freeze another batch of apple sauce.

2. I donated some books to my work’s Book Swap, having taken some for myself the previous week.

3. I met friends for a lovely vegan lunch in Bath, browsed the charity shops and started Christmas shopping but kept very strictly to my plan. No impulse buys at all

4. Some local artists in our village put on an exhibition and fair. I bought a small wooden bowl for a friend and some beautiful birthday and Christmas cards. Not necessarily cheap but supporting the amazing talented people we have in our village!

Colerne artists cards


5. I do a monthly food shop online, and supplement it with buying veg and fruit from the greengrocers or veg box, a doorstep milk delivery and eggs from our village shop. By now we are running low as we approach the end of the month. While we will get another supermarket delivery by the end of this week I spent some time last week baking and making use of store cupboard ingredients to get us through i.e. Homemade bread, cakes and muffins, homemade hummus etc.

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4 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds

  1. How I envy that barrel of apples! As for thrifty tips, here’s one.

    My sweetheart made a huge pot of vegetable soup weekend before last. We enjoyed that three times before we tired of it. Then I used some of the flavorful vegetables and sauce as the base for a frittata. A few days later, I had enough dough scraps left from two large quiches to make an 8-inch pot pie, which I filled with the last of the soup, its juices by then nicely gravy-like for the filling.

    So we got three different and delicious entrees, each with leftovers to enjoy next day, from one pot of soup. That’s my thrifty tip for the week!

  2. Snow?!? Crikey, I missed that one! Maybe it just didn’t reach us here in Bath. Shame, I rather like it.
    I’ve also been the lucky recipient of some local free bounty, in my case some beautiful fragrant quinces. I’ve always used the Japonica Quinces before, which are nice, but not quite as fragrant. Anyway, made a batch of (slightly runny) quince jelly, which is delish with cheese.

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