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This Week's Thrifty Finds via

We have now reached Christmas Shopping Frenzy in my corner of the world. Last Monday I had to travel to Bath for a couple of work appointments. I had forgotten that this coincided with the annual Bath Christmas Market. Although the market does bring lots of revenue to the city and – if visited at the right time – gives you that ‘Christmas feeling’ it is still a heaving mass of consumption.

But, despite some planned Christmas shopping, I stuck to what I had to do and resisted any impulse buying. Instead I secured last week’s Thrifty Finds from other sources:

  1. I picked up a couple of packs of ribbons from a second-hand shop in the nearby market town. At only 50p each these will add a festive touch to my gift wrapping

50p ribbons for Christmas 2. Talking of gift wrapping, I started to package some of the presents I had bought (with brand new paper I’m afraid, unlike the previous years’ use of plain brown paper). However I did use last year’s Christmas cards to turn into gift labels.

Re-using Christmas cards via

3. I forgot to cancel my veg box so have been busily making soups and cakes (not sure this is a Thrifty Find as I have to factor the cost of this into my December food budget). Can you guess what I put in this chocolate cake?

Chocolate courgette cake

4. I made a couple more Facebook sales and sorted through some paperbacks to sell onto the second-hand bookstore in Bath. This has helped to raise some funds for my Christmas budget.

5. At the weekend we had a Big Baking Session and the kids and I made lots of mince pies, gingerbread ad biscuits for gifts. Some of them I’ve attempted to freeze so we can hand out closer to the Christmas break.

Have you started any festive baking yet? What are your favourite recipes?

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8 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds

  1. Oh my goodness the Christmas market! I remind myself that it brings in valuable income to the city and its traders, but the truth is that we just avoid going into the city centre throughout the time its on.
    A nightmare of consumerism, and I really question how some of the stuff sold there came into being – although many of the stall holders are local makers, others are not and sell imported goods produced who knows how, who knows where and by who knows who.

  2. I think a lot of people have the same opinion! I remember when it was first launched how lovely and small scale it was but now it has grown so much. When I went in some of the other shops last Monday they were really quiet. I do visit the Christmas Market for my birthday treat (tomorrow!) but like to support the few charity stalls that are set up.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to look for rolls of cloth ribbon on sale in the fabric stores. Sometimes I make some very nice finds that look wonderful on packages. As for gifts, my goal this year is to assure that those I do purchase are Fair Trade and organic, as much as possible. So far, I’ve done fairly well, but there’s nothing thrifty about the cost!

    Like you, I’m also planning a few home-baked goodies as gifts, and FINALLY found a source of organic, Fair Trade semi-sweet chocolate chips which I use in several treats this time of year. Sadly, we’ve had to forego those treats for several holiday seasons because I could find only conventional chips, and I refuse to make our holidays gay on the backs of slave children in the chocolate industry!

    Thanks for all the tips. Your blog is one I always enjoy seeing pop up in my feed.

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