2016: My Best Second-Hand Picks

As the year draws to a close I thought I would look back at this year’s posts and examine my favourite second-hand clothing purchases. Once again, I have enjoyed browsing the charity shops and hunting out bargains. I have tried very hard to stick to my budget, and to purchase what I really need, rather than what I would like to buy

Denim Dress

One of my favourite purchases of the year! During the summerI had been looking for a denim dress for a few months and had my eye on a £45 one from Fat Face (hoping to pick it up in the sales). By sheer chance I came across this Dorothy Perkins dress from the British Heart Foundation shop in Bath for a bargain £5!! It fits beautifully and is very versatile: I can wear it sleeveless and with/without leggings in the summer, and layered up with jumpers and woolly tights in the winter.

£5 denim dress

Burgundy wide-legged trousers

I purchased these beautiful Kaliko trousers (not pictured) at the beginning of the year from another British Heart Foundation Shop (in Devizes). Unfortunately I can’t remember how much I paid for them but it was probably £5-£7.They are lined and so perfect for wearing in the cooler months. I love the 1940s silhouette they create. They are also smart enough to pass as work trousers.

Orange jumper

I bought this Top Shop jumper from the new look Save the Children shop in Bath in the Autumn for £4  I love the shape of the sleeves (although not very practical when washing up!) and the colour – which seems to fit in with most of my wardrobe


orange jumper

Orange scarf

I volunteered at the school jumble sale in March and bagged this orange scarf for a few pence. Orange is one of my favourite colours and I love the contrast this scarf can give to some of my clothing (cobalt blue jumper; black dress; burgundy jumper) or how it can complement other items such as my orange winter coat.

Jumble Sale Haul

Sparkly gold jumper

I’m currently working on a post about adding a sparkly touch to the festive season and this £4 jumper is a key piece. I bought it from the gorgeous Save the Children shop (Bath) at the beginning of the month and have enjoyed dressing it up and down over the Christmas holidays.

Secondhand sparkle: charity shop jumper

Upcycled Denim Skirt

This is something I am particularly proud of! Back in June I finally tackled turning my old denim jeans into a skirt, with the use of fabric from an old much-loved skirt. For instructions see the post here. I was really pleased with this project and, having bought some denim needles for the sewing machine and some matching thread, I set about mending some more jeans and upcycling my daughter’s torn trousers.


denim skirt made from jeans


And a bonus outfit …the black 70s jumpsuit!

Sad to say I have only worn this gorgeous flared jumpsuit once – at a 70s party back in January. I bought it from the vintage Dorothy House shop in Bath for just £12. It fits perfectly and I loved wearing it to the party. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been another occasion to wear this jumpsuit. But tonight is New Year’s Eve and I have a party to go to, so you never know……

1970s inspired flared jumpsuit

I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, whatever you decide to do and wish you all the best for a peaceful, green and second-hand (?) New Year xxx



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