This week’s Thrifty Finds (20-26 March)


This Week's Thrifty Finds via

I have had a lovely week! I had to take annual leave and so enjoyed a few days to myself (as the kids are still at school). I pottered around the house, did some sorting and organising, and also met up with friends I hadn’t seen for ages.

  1. I spring-cleaned the kitchen cupboards. Sounds dull but I did take great satisfaction in giving them a good clean and doing some decluttering. We don’t have many kitchen cupboards and I have already had a good go at reducing what we own. Still, there were a few more mugs and glasses that I was able to donate to charity shops.

2. I met up with friends for lunches and coffee, but didn’t break the bank. It was lovely to see people I hadn’t caught up with for ages, and enjoy time together.

3. On Friday I hosted my Book Group and, as I was off work, had time to make all the snacks: tzatziki, salsa and guacamole. We also had enough left over for lunch the next day (we are at the end of the month here so the food cupboards are starting to look quite bare!)

4. I had a lovely Mother’s Day: breakfast in bed, homemade cards, lunch cooked by my husband, and lots of flowers. The daffodils came from my friend’s garden, as a thank you for hosting Book Group.

5. Finally, for the past few weeks I have been sorting through my wardrobe. I followed the advice of a few minimalist/Project 333 bloggers and emptied the contents of my closet*. I then rehung every item with the hangers all going the same way on the rail. Then, every time I wore an outfit I re-positioned it with the hanger going the opposite way. The idea was that, after three weeks, I could see which items hadn’t been worn by the way the hanger was positioned.

In total, I had 30 items in my closet (tops, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses and some knitwear). Only nine items hadn’t been worn. Out of these, I kept four (as the weather warms up I know I’ll be getting more wear from them), but discarded five as I had not worn them at all. (I also had the two new pairs of trousers bought last week to add to the closet).

I was surprised at the items I hadn’t worn, and at some of those I had put on over the past few weeks. I guess that as I am working more, my wardrobe is starting to reflect the fact that three days a week I am in an office (as well as attending evening functions).

I’m really pleased with the results. There is more space to see the clothes and I have a load of ideas for new outfits to wear over the next few months.

*Due to the lack of space and storage upstairs my clothes are spread between 1) a small wardrobe in my daughter’s room; 2) a narrow Ikea shelf unit in my bedroom; 3) a few longer dresses hanging from my bedroom door. (see this post here)

Now that the seasons are changing, have you started to change your wardrobe? I’d love to hear where you get your clothes from too: High Street stores, or second-hand?

I’d also love to hear about your Thrifty Finds! Please  share your Thrifty Finds on my facebook page, or use #thriftyfinds on Twitter or instagram

5 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds (20-26 March)

  1. What a good way to sort out what’s used and what’s not. Think I’ll have a go at this myself. Over the years I’ve acquired quite an assortment of clothes, many of which if I’m honest I should say no longer fit / suit me / appeal. I should really kiss them goodbye and send them off for their next life. There are others which though I don’t wear them now, I’m pretty confident I will at some point, so I hang onto these for longer.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thank you, Deborah. To be honest I had avoided doing the whole coat hanger thing when sorting my wardrobe as I thought it would be obvious what I didn’t wear – but the results really surprised me. I’ve also been quite ruthless as I seem to have gone up a dress size this winter 🙁 And so have stored/given away a few things that no longer fit. Have a nice day x

  2. I do so enjoy it when one of your posts pops up in my feed. Living in San Francisco, where we literally go from warm sunshine to foggy drizzle with a single bus ride, we have to have a wardrobe for all seasons, usually layered on our backs for quick on-off. Of course, we’re not talking extreme seasons. No winter blizzards and only occasionally 100 degree weather, here.

    Forgive me, but I paused when I read about turning the hangars around so you would know instantly what gets worn and what doesn’t. “Why would she need to do that?” Then I laughed at myself. I forget that most folks have a lot of clothes! Even my grandkids could wear something different every day for a whole month. My selection is much more limited, due in part to a few decades of “keeping it simple,” but also because I find it very difficult to find clothing now that is not made by children or by people working in appalling conditions for almost no pay.

    My bugaboo right now is mending. I can think of three garments hanging in my closet that I haven’t worn in months because I need to mend them. Two are favorite shirts that I would wear at least once a week, if not more frequently, so that’s my thrifty find, thanks to your closet makeover. I will mend my much-worn, much-loved garments and get them back into circulation.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Kathryn. Many years ago I spent a year studying at UCSB so remember the Southern California climate very fondly – although on my visits to San Francisco I felt much more at home with the European style architecture and climate. Like you, I too have a mending pile which I really must get motivated to work on… And I really admire your ‘conscious consumer’ approach to buying clothing: it’s something I really should aspire to.

      • If you do, unless you’re a skinny thing, look forward to having very little choice in the fashion realm. I get so discouraged some times. But then I think, “My vanity, or helping a profiteer get rich on the backs of children and slaves?” So I swallow my pride and wear ugly. I keep hoping I’ll find a seamstress who can sew for me, but no luck so far.

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