This fortnight’s Thrifty Finds ( 9 – 23 April)


This Week's Thrifty Finds via


How was your Easter break?I’m sure it seems a long time ago. I just realised I didn’t post my Easter week Thrifty Finds so thought I would combine the past two weeks into one post.

Our Thrifty Finds were:

  1. During the school holidays we took a trip to London to visit the Churchill War Rooms (not cheap: £51 for our family ticket). The younger kids travelled free on the tube and we managed to get an all zone travel card for our 15 year old for £6. We took a picnic and later had a great value Chinese buffet in China Town for £8 each (or only £5 each if we’d had the food to go). Despite the attempt at educating the kids on World War Two, they seemed to enjoy playing in Hyde Park and visiting Primark (my eldest) more than anything else. This has led us to re-evaluate what we pay for days out and, rather sadly, have decided that unless they are really interested in a subject, it’s just not worth paying for a ticket 😦
  2. We also had a trip to Bath where I managed to return a couple of items. We changed a pair of shoes in Clarks for my youngest as the style was hurting her ankles. I also managed to exchange the supposed bottle of olive oil that I’d bought in Holland & Barrett – turns out it was chilli oil instead!


3. We continued with our hunt for Friends DVDs. The kids have really got into the series and we’ve been gradually buying the series second-hand. We found season five in a charity shop and snapped it up for £6. UPDATE: We got through that series pretty quickly and managed to pick up season six in another charity shop for just £3.


4. Every Easter holiday the village school organises an Easter Trail. You buy the trail sheet for £2 and follow the map around the village guessing the clues that people put up outside the houses. This year the theme is ‘Famous People’. It’s a really cheap and easy thing to do and easily fills a couple of afternoons during the school break.

5. We also took the kids swimming to the local leisure centre. During the school holidays children swim for free so that saves us quite a lot of money. Having children ranging from 15 to eight it’s also one of the few things we can do that everyone still enjoys.

6.Last weekend my husband picked up a couple of second-hand records at a World Record Store Day event. I also bought a couple of books from a charity shop.

Did you have any Thrifty Finds this Easter?  Please  share your Thrifty Finds on my facebook page, or use #thriftyfinds on Twitter or instagram

5 thoughts on “This fortnight’s Thrifty Finds ( 9 – 23 April)

  1. I didn’t get any thrifty finds but Yorkshire Sculpture Park refunded my parking because the exhibition I had gone to see hadn’t arrived. We also ‘saved’ money by visiting National Trust properties (we have membership) en route to my parents’. And yesterday I got a mega load of ‘new’ clothes from Leeds Community Clothes Exchange (having been given a bag full of clothes by my parents.

    I agree that it makes sense not to pay out loads of money unless all of you are going to enjoy the outing. Must be hard juggling with three children – hard enough keeping one happy!

    • Glad you had a good Easter break – and well done on stocking up on new (to you) clothes! We used to have NT membership – for a family it’s nearly £100 so have to really weigh up if it’s worth it but I know that once you’ve visited three places it’s definitely paid for itself (I used to work for them years ago and this was one of our marketing messages).

  2. Not only did we not get thrifty finds when we took our granddaughter on a mini shopping spree for her birthday (What do you want for your birthday, Darlin’? I want to go clothes shopping!), we found not a single item in any of the stores that was organic or Fair Trade, or made in the USA. This is a first-of-its-kind birthday present for us. The good news is, we had an opportunity to teach her to stretch her shopping dollars by combing the sale racks, and she did get at least one sale item.

    On another note, I wanted to respond to your comments about the kids not seeming to enjoy the World War II museum. When I was a kid, my parents took us on lots of trips into the woods and mountains, which bored my siblings and me to death. I’m so glad they took us on all those trips, as are my siblings. Happiest memories! As bored as I thought I was, I soaked up all that wonder and Nature and passed it along to my kids, who pass it along to theirs, all with the same grumbles and “I’m bored!” If museums and sights are your thing, take the kids to at least one each vacation, maybe two or three. They’ll absorb information, and they’ll remember their time with their parents for the rest of their lives. Do something they want to do too, but share what interests you and take the grumbling with a little good humor and loads of patience. They’ll thank you for it one day, if they’re anything like us and our families.

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