This week’s Thrifty Finds ( 26 June – 3 July)


This Week's Thrifty Finds via


How was your week? Did you make any thrifty purchases, donate anything or choose not to buy?

This past week I have been raiding the library, meal planning and making my own cat deterrent spray for the garden!

  1. Following our huge monthly supermarket delivery I have tried to stick to a meal plan, and reduce waste. This has had mixed results – due to last minute family plans we had to swap meals around. I also threw away a few items (I’m going to start to keep track of what I actually put in the bin as I underestimate our food waste)
  2. I popped into the library on my lunch break and picked up a few parenting books. The ‘Simplicity Parenting’ book has been on my wish list for ages.

library, parenting, borrowing


3. I also made my own cat deterrent spray for the garden! My husband has been doing some serious landscaping in the garden and the freshly dug soil has created a lot of interest from the local felines. I  googled ways to get rid of cats from your garden and, apparently, a citronella and water spray is good. So I have covered the soil with loads of this mixture, in the hope to deter them from using our flower beds!

citronella spray, cat deterrant

4. We go on holiday in six weeks’ time and I am trying to get organised about budgets and packing. I have started to create a clothing list for myself: most of which I plan to get from second hand shops. You may remember that last week I also started my hunt for second-hand books to take on hols.

5. I’ve also started to investigate the best way to spend money overseas. We are going to France and, as it’s our first time since the Brexit vote and drop in exchange rate, I am bracing myself for a more expensive trip. I’ve found the Money Saving Expert website really useful for tips like whether to buy currency in advance or use credit cards/pre-loaded money cards. I’ve also been researching where we are staying, and our journeys so that we can budget for excursions, petrol and tolls (for the first time in four years we are driving, rather than taking the train).

And finally it’s the start of Plastic Free July. Although I’m not taking part in it this year (see my post here from 2014) I’m hoping to keep to many of the plastic free habits I have got into over the past few years. (Although I failed at my first hurdle on Saturday night when I went to a party and used a disposable pint glass!) Take a look at their website and see if there’s anything you can do – or are already doing – to reduce plastic waste.

I’d love to hear about your Thrifty Finds too – or if you’re taking part in Plastic Free July. Please  share your Thrifty Finds on my facebook page, or use #thriftyfinds on Twitter or instagram

3 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds ( 26 June – 3 July)

  1. Oh, if I had a garden, would I love to try that spray. Meanwhile, I’ve reduced my plastic consumption to a point, but am up against a brick wall in several areas: Had to start buying paper-wrapped TP that comes in one large plastic bag again because the Seventh Generation we’d been buying by the case to avoid plastic no longer works for our family; cannot find any cheese that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic; still need to keep certain frozen vegetables and fruits on hand, which all come in plastic bags; my sweetheart is a sucker for anything the grandkids might like–almost all plastic, and wrapped in plastic. I even broke down myself and bought plastic Wonder Woman dolls for a granddaughter’s birthday last month.

    On the other side, we’re paring down possessions and continuing to avoid bringing new items into the house. Gave away three carts full of stuff to Good Will last week, including some kitchen appliances I don’t use often enough to continue to store–and that was just the beginning. Our city recycling collection now takes textiles and some shoes that formerly would have had to go in the landfill, so we set up a box to collect those items not worthy of donation and that we could not dispose of any other way.

    Always makes me feel a little better to come here and read your posts. Thank you for continuing.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. Sounds like you’re working hard to reduce what you own – but no longer need. Good news about the textiles recycling.
      I’m also impressed with your determination to reduce your use of single use plastic. There are days when I think it is impossible to say ‘no’ to plastic – it’s so prevalent. I went for a meal with friends, ordered a coke and got given a plastic straw with it: why would a grown woman need a straw to drink from?? !!

      • I know. Right? Just saw another article on the billions–or was it trillions–of plastic straws floating in the oceans. Still, I forget to grab the stainless steel straws when I take the grandchildren out. It’s all a learning process, isn’t it?

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