This week’s Thrifty Finds (11-17 September)

Thrifty Finds

How has your week been? These are my Thrifty Finds for the past seven days:

  1. I went shopping for work clothes. As usual, I ignored all the High Street stores and, instead, browsed the charity shops. I ended up with a very successful trip: one skirt, four tops and a pair of shoes for £38! (post to follow soon)

2. I also picked up a really interesting book on women in World War Two from the Oxfam Bookshop:

3. I also donated a small bag of childrenswear to the British Heart Foundation shop.

4. Having visited the D-Day beaches on our holiday my husband and I were really keen to re-watch the TV series, ‘Band of Brothers’. My brother lent us his box set so we are now working our way through it. It’s amazing how many people are in the series, with really small roles being played by actors who are now big leads themselves (Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Simon Pegg).

5. I’m putting the finishing touches to our next Repair Cafe which happens at the end of the month. I must remember to hunt out a couple of items at home which are broken so that I can bring them along to be fixed too!

What were your Thrifty Finds? Please  share your Thrifty Finds on my facebook page, or use #thriftyfinds on Twitter or instagram

6 thoughts on “This week’s Thrifty Finds (11-17 September)

  1. Hi Kathryn, I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but I do have thrifty finds to share with you 😊.

    This summer two of my hand bags gave up the ghost (I just happened to have kept an old one which I could use when the first broke beyond repair). And when I took a bag full of donations into my local town I found an ideal replacement. On top of that, I came across a fleece nightshirt which looked just to snugly to walk away from. Of course, I would have saved money by not buying something I didn’t absolutely need but I do tend to hold onto some things which perhaps do need replacing 😉.

    To cap it all, this evening, I’ve collected a shoe cabinet via Freegle. Our house is sorely in need of storage, so now I hope the entrance to our home will look neater. Bliss!

    Your new clothes and shoes look ace. Have a good weekend.

  2. We visited the WW2 beaches some years ago when we were camping in the area. Very moving indeed. And one time when we stayed in a gite in Normandy the owner, an elderly man who had been a journalist, showed us around the village pointing out gunfire damage on houses and telling us what it had been like to live there through it all. Fascinating. No wonder people in the rest of Europe have a better understanding of the importance of European unity than we have here – we’ve never experienced being invaded and warfare carried out all across our country (at least, not in the same way as on the rest of the continent).
    We were in Germany earlier this month – another fascinating experience.

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