Today is Buy Nothing Day

You could be forgiven for thinking that today is all about Black Friday: the shopping phenomenon that seems to mark the beginning of the Christmas season.

Here in Bath our annual Christmas Market has started, with an ever increasing number of stalls and crowds, making the city centre almost impossible to navigate.

But did you know that today is also Buy Nothing Day: an alternative to the frenzied festival of over consumption. Organisers of Buy Nothing Day suggest you stay at home or meet with friends and family – do something free and step off the consumption treadmill for just one day.

Alternatively I like this idea here from Barnardo’s The Thrift blog, suggested by the blogger love a good stripe: The Black Friday Black Bag, Why not sort through your clothes, books etc and donate a bag to your local charity shop today?


5 thoughts on “Today is Buy Nothing Day

  1. Great idea, I’m with you on this one Kathryn.

    Like many others, I can’t stand the crowds attracted by The Christmas Market and I tend to avoid the centre of Bath for the whole period. And don’t get me started on the extra pollution and all those coaches with their engines idling for hours while they’re parked along our main roads…..

  2. Sadly, I had to buy a computer yesterday in order to fulfil my obligations to my employer. At least I managed to get a small laptop for £130 from John Lewis online!!

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