This Week’s ThriftyFinds: September 2018 Week Two

This week it has been back to normal with our newish school routine.

1. With three of us having to leave the house at the same time now, and with just one bathroom for a family of five, I’ve had to write out a rota so that everyone can use it! Not quite a ‘Thrifty Find’, but it does highlight the challenge of living in a small house…

2. I picked some ripe tomatoes from the garden, and roasted and puréed some green ones. I haven’t grown veg for years and am really excited about this crop!

3. A neighbour gave me a tub of blackberries she had picked and I turned them into a blackberry crumble cake, and froze the rest 🙂

3. I had a clearout of summer clothes and donated a couple of bags.

4. Having watched the very inspiring film from The Minimalists on Netflix I decided to start tackling the ‘stuff’ in our loft. I went through lots of old photos and discarded many of them; adding only a few precious ones to an album. I don’t know why I’d kept onto them for so long, especially as many of them were duplicates or just plain awful!

If you haven’t come across The Minimalists before I really recommend their film, blog, books or podcasts. They do make you think differently about what you really need to make you happy 😊

2 thoughts on “This Week’s ThriftyFinds: September 2018 Week Two

  1. My daughter and I were just talking about being hoarders on the way back from piano this evening and that reminds me of when I went through all my photos from years ago. It was hard at the time cutting them up for disposal but have I missed them since? Not once 😊

  2. Nadine says:

    I see it on Netflix and have been interested in it, but haven’t made the time to watch. I will do now that I have seen some feedback 😊 Another source that made me tackle all of my belongings to see what truly mattered was Bea Johnson’s ZWH book, as well as “The Magical art of Tidying Up” (I always get the title mixed up…I think that’s what it’s called).

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