Thrifty Finds: last week November 2018

For most of last week I was ill with a stupid cold 😦 I had to take two days off work and cancel four different meet ups with friends and family, which I was really sad about. I guess that saved money but that wasn’t the point. I’d far rather enjoy a good friend’s company over a coffee or lunch than be stuck at home feeling sorry for myself….

1. It did mean that I was ill for Black Friday – although I did get to Sainsbury’s to pick up some cold medicine and much needed Vitamin C. Surprisingly the supermarket didn’t seem choc a full of Black Friday deals, although I wasn’t really looking. What was encouraging, though, was to see so many messages about Buy Nothing Day on my Instagram feeds 🙂

2. I donated a bag of used clothing to school for a fundraising event.

3. I did make it to the village church Christmas Fair and bought a second hand book.

4. I fixed what I thought was a broken lamp. It hasn’t been working for months and, having tried a couple of different light bulbs, I assumed it was broken. However third time lucky – turns out the other two bulbs had gone!

5. My husband took the kids for a family meet up and, using cash I had been saving, meant he didn’t have to pay from our bank account (which may have tipped us into the red).

Apologies for no pics this week – being ill meant I didn’t take any 😦

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