Thrifty Finds for last week of 2018

Happy Twixtmas! Or I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for a Happy and Peaceful New Year 🙂

We have had a very relaxed Christmas break. We’ve not overspent and, apart from a tub of food I had to put in the compost (due to me forgetting to cancel the Veg Box from two weeks’ ago), very little waste.

Here are my Thrifty Finds for the festive season:

1. I did my Christmas food shopping last Sunday (23rd) which was HIDEOUS!! I don’t normally do it in store but I had a £12 voucher to spend valid from that day. Despite going early the store was still manically busy and it made me feel quite ill looking at everyone stuffing their trolleys. BUT we kept to our list and only bought what we needed. I made a note last year of our Christmas food waste and this year DID NOT buy Brandy Butter !!

2. I also took all my copper change I had been collecting and received a voucher for £4.80.

3. I had saved up all my Boots Advantage points for the year to buy stocking presents for the girls. This totalled £15, and I was also able to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer to pick up six gifts for nothing! I also forgot I had £10 of points on my Body Shop card (I never use it but I think you get £5 added each birthday?!), so I bought more stocking fillers from there 🙂

4. Most of the girls’ presents were new but I did buy second-hand money boxes, specifically for them to save for our big holiday next year:

The money boxes cost between £2-£3 each and were a fraction of the price of first hand ones I had seen for sale online. It only took a couple of weeks of browsing charity shops to find them 🙂

5. I resisted sales shopping! Partly because I couldn’t be bothered, and also because I don’t really need anything. I may, though, have a browse of the charity shops next week and pick up some cards and paper for Christmas 2019 :0

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