Thrifty Finds: first week in February

thrifty finds2

 I hope you are having a good week and enjoying the milder weather here in the U.K. Last week’s Thrifty Finds were:

1. I had a Sainsbury’s delivery and was given an extra chicken!

2. We had a trip to Bristol on Saturday and used my husband’s free parking space through work (not for much longer as he will be moving to Bath in April)

3. In light of his job change, and a salary cut, I have started to adjust our monthly spending budgets. When we get paid at the end of the month I do the following things:

– transfer money to short term savings accounts for things like holidays, car maintenance, school bus pass

– put some cash savings away for shorter term funds, i.e. Clothing, day trips, piano lessons

I will start to adjust some of these and also try to limit us both to a set amount of free spending money each week. If we take cash out then when it’s spent it’s physically gone (rather than using plastic).

I’m desperately putting aside as much money as I can at the moment to save for some big projects this year (holiday and possible building work) before we have an income reduction.

4. I received notification of a small wage rise at work 🙂

5. A friend very kindly treated me to a cinema ticket to see ‘The Favourite’. I drove and paid for refreshments, but the cinema tickets were way more expensive so it will be my turn to buy her ticket at our next trip!

2 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds: first week in February

  1. Sounds like 2019 is going to be a challenging year for you – I’m sure all your thrifty experience and ideas will stand you in good stead. And sounds good that he’s going to be working in Bath not Bristol. Hope all goes well for you all.

  2. Is Bath closer to you than Bristol?
    I’d like to get back to a position where I can start putting money aside for later rather than always paying off my credit card bill. The bills keep going up and I have to become a little more incentive to find ways to save.

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