Thrifty Finds for second week April 2019

It’s funny how it goes because last week was full of Thrifty Finds!

1. The biggest Thrifty Find was a free Google Plus device! We upgraded our Spotify account to ‘family’ and were sent the Google Plus for free! Last Christmas we almost bought an Alexa but decided we didn’t quite have the money. And now our Google Plus does pretty much the same job 🙂

2. On a far smaller scale I received a free packet of poppy seeds as a promotional gift at work. At the weekend I did some gardening and sowed some of last year’s leftover seeds(carrots) and some new lettuce and nasturtium seeds.

3. I picked up an M&S long sleeved T-shirt for £2.25 from Dorothy House shops.

4. And an old fashioned version of Cluedo for £3.99 from British Heart Foundation

5. And a storage jar for £2.50 fromPDSA

This week is the start of the school holidays and we don’t have much planned. My husband starts his new job next week which means less commuting and a smaller pay packet but I’m confident we have planned for this exciting change!

Have a great week 🙂

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