I’m Kathryn, a forty-something mum and blogger aspiring to live a greener life in the country. I am a second-hand junkie who cannot pass by a charity shop without a peek inside. This blog is an attempt to spread my love of all things thrifted, repaired, recycled, borrowed and swapped.

Through my two years of blogging I’ve also tried to become a more conscious consumer: learning more about the things I buy and buying only the things I need. This has led me to learn about Zero Waste, Plastic Free, Minimalism and much more. If you like the sound of this try reading the posts below –  or find me on twitter @secondhandtales or facebook here  or instagram secondhandtales

Second-hand and vintage shopping:

* Second-hand shopping in Bath here

(also see second-hand shopping in Birmingham, Lyme Regis, Devizes, Windsor)

* Is ‘vintage’ an over used word here

* weird seventies fabric here

Repairing and Upcycling here:

* Corsham Repair Cafe here

* Something old, something new, something mended here

* Upcycling candles here

Living a more sustainable life here:

* Waste Free Travel in Europe: this summer’s holiday by rail and attempting to reduce our waste on the go here

* The benefits of not having a car here

* (Don’t) make mine a pint: the end of glass milk bottles here

Thrifty Finds:

* My weekly round up of Thrifty purchases, things I didn’t buy and things I gave away. See here or take a look at the tab on the left.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kathryn, I know you were looking for a job, and by chance I came across something local to you that might be up your street (not literally!) and thought of you. Can you email me if you’re interested and we could maybe chat over the phone or by email and see if you want to contact him?
    Best wishes

  2. Hannah says:

    Love your blog. I too am attempting to be more green. Just made some washing powder tablets and making my kids upcycled clothes. I tried to follow you on instagram but it’s not working for some reason will try again later. Looking forward to your next post. Hannah (YOYUU.kids) 👍

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