Thrifty Finds: second week February 2019

thrifty finds2


1. I used a money off voucher for some birthday presents for my eldest daughter .

2. I also used a money off voucher for some supermarket shopping.

3. A friend gave me a book she had read:


4. My younger two daughters had eye tests and it turns out they both need to wear glasses! I knew my middle daughter was struggling to read the board at school but had no idea my youngest needed glasses too – it came as a bit of a shock, especially as they’ll need to wear glasses all the time.   Anyway, thanks to the wonderful NHS the eye tests were free and I only ended up paying £20 for one of the glasses (the other pair were free).

5. We had a small clear out of books and donated two bags to charity.

Thrifty Finds: first week in February

thrifty finds2

 I hope you are having a good week and enjoying the milder weather here in the U.K. Last week’s Thrifty Finds were:

1. I had a Sainsbury’s delivery and was given an extra chicken!

2. We had a trip to Bristol on Saturday and used my husband’s free parking space through work (not for much longer as he will be moving to Bath in April)

3. In light of his job change, and a salary cut, I have started to adjust our monthly spending budgets. When we get paid at the end of the month I do the following things:

– transfer money to short term savings accounts for things like holidays, car maintenance, school bus pass

– put some cash savings away for shorter term funds, i.e. Clothing, day trips, piano lessons

I will start to adjust some of these and also try to limit us both to a set amount of free spending money each week. If we take cash out then when it’s spent it’s physically gone (rather than using plastic).

I’m desperately putting aside as much money as I can at the moment to save for some big projects this year (holiday and possible building work) before we have an income reduction.

4. I received notification of a small wage rise at work 🙂

5. A friend very kindly treated me to a cinema ticket to see ‘The Favourite’. I drove and paid for refreshments, but the cinema tickets were way more expensive so it will be my turn to buy her ticket at our next trip!

Charity Shop Haul: January 2019

While I am trying to be more disciplined about buying new (to me) clothes I just couldn’t resist the ‘Fill your bag for a Tenner’ promotion at Dorothy House charity shop last month.

This is the closest charity shop to where I work and a couple of my colleagues had already sneaked in and bagged some amazing bargains (including a brand new Anthropologie dress!!). So I thought it would be rude not to have a browse on my lunch break….

However I did stick to buying those items that can be worn in the Spring and Summer, rather than just adding to my winter wardrobe.

In the end I bought these goodies for £10 in total:

The jumper is originally from Dickins and Jones. It’s a nice lightweight jumper for the Spring and Summer:


The blouse is originally from BonMarche and a size 16 – both of which I wouldn’t normally try. However the beauty of charity shops is that you come across labels you would never normally consider (see my Country Casuals 1950s style dress here from December). And I have learnt over the years to look beyond my normal sizing. Anyway the blouse fits really well as an oversize top perfect for hot summer days (remember them?) and a cover up on the beach.

The dress is from Tesco and, as with the blouse above, will be great for the summer, especially at work.

While I have put most of this haul away for warmer months I couldn’t resist wearing this polka dot blouse now, with a long sleeved top underneath. I really love the pattern and the collar and bow 🙂

Finally, the two red tops have come in very useful as they have extended the colour palette in my wardrobe. The long sleeved top (not shown) is actually a size 20 but works well underneath layers. The red t-shirt and skirt below work very well together. I don’t normally buy skirts as they do not flatter my waist, but I couldn’t resist the pattern. I’m really looking forward to wearing it in the warmer months!

Thrifty Finds for end of January 2019

thrifty finds2Apologies (once more) for another fortnightly post. Last week I came down with a really horrible cold (flu?) and ended up spending a few days in bed. Although I’m now back at work I still don’t feel 100%….

Here are my Thrifty Finds for the past fortnight:

1. Being sick at home meant that we didn’t really spend much money and had to cancel a couple of social engagements. One of them was pre-paid but I didn’t mind as it was a charity event.

2. When I did return to work I did get my free flu jab! Ironic I know! I had been waiting for the pharmacy to order in some more innoculations as they had been out of them. Apparently it takes two weeks to start working so I think I would have picked this cold up anyway 😦

3. While I was stuck in bed I started reading my second hand  Amazon pile, bought with my birthday gift voucher:

img_80784. We had snow at the weekend and ended up being snowed in on Friday and Saturday (being 500 metres above sea level and on the edge of the Cotswolds means this does happen!). Being snowed in is great fun – as long as you have supplies! We didn’t spend half as much money as we would have done at the weekend as I made sure we just spent the cash we had lying around. We still managed a trip to the cafe for hot chocolate and the obligatory trip to the village pubs – but didn’t put anything on the card which is one of my golden rules of budgeting. We also had lost of free entertainment – sledging and playing in the snow!

5. Finally my husband got a new job, which he will start after Easter! This is such a big change for us as it means his  commute will be reduced from one hour to just 20 minutes! He will be so much happier and we should get to see more of him, HOWEVER  it comes with quite a pay cut so we are going to have to get our budgeting seriously sorted. But I’m looking forward to the challenge….

Do you have any big changes planned this year that will require you to budget?

Thrifty Finds: second and third week January

thrifty finds2

Apologies for no post last week-the week was just very hectic! Here are my Thrifty Finds for the past fortnight:

1. I have now bought my Christmas cards for this year. I must remember to buy stamps at regular intervals this year to spread the cost.



2. I used a £20 Amazon gift voucher from my birthday to buy five secondhand books. That should keep me busy for a while!

3. As an early birthday treat for my eldest, we went to the Thermae Spa in Bath with some friends. Because the steam rooms were being refurbished we received a free return voucher – two visits for the price of one 🙂

4. Last Friday I popped into the local Dorothy House charity shop in Bath. They had a ‘fill your bag for a tenner’ promotion and I couldn’t resist! I was disciplined, though, and just bought clothing that will work for Spring and Summer (rather than my winter wardrobe which is completely full). In the end I came away with four tops, one jumper, one skirt and a dress.


5. At the weekend we hosted our annual 80s party. I had picked up this 80s dress for £12 from the Dorothy House vintage shop in Bath. It was the perfect dress with massive shoulder pads, electric blue and made from some godawful man made fibre that made me sweat all evening!!!


Thrifty Finds for first week January 2019

Happy New Year! How was your first week of 2019? I took the first week off as the girls weren’t back at school until 7th January. We had a lovely, lazy week.

These are my Thrifty Finds:

1. I went through my food spending for Christmas and made a note for 2019 of the things we didn’t really need. For example we never got round to eating the Christmas pud :0

2. My mum picked up some Christmas wrapping paper for me that was reduced at the charity where she volunteers (Dorothy House Hospice).

3. After two weeks of ridiculously slow internet I called BT and they came round to fix it. As a result we have a brand new phone line (the old one was over 40 years ago and corroded, which explained why our internet would drop during bad weather). I also upgraded to super fast – all for no extra cost.

4. I had an honest clear out of those clothes that are now too tight for me 😦 I also donated a bag of books and games to a charity shop,

4. I couldn’t resist a little trawl around the charity shops in Weston, Bath. My daughter had an appointment at the hairdressers there and I had a few minutes to spare. Once more, the Dorothy House Shop came up trumps! With some Christmas money, I bought a pair of trousers (originally Mango, on sale for £7) and a gorgeous 50s style dress from Country Casuals (£10).

Apparently January is a good time to browse the charity shops as they have lots of post Christmas donations!

Thrifty Finds for last week of 2018

Happy Twixtmas! Or I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for a Happy and Peaceful New Year 🙂

We have had a very relaxed Christmas break. We’ve not overspent and, apart from a tub of food I had to put in the compost (due to me forgetting to cancel the Veg Box from two weeks’ ago), very little waste.

Here are my Thrifty Finds for the festive season:

1. I did my Christmas food shopping last Sunday (23rd) which was HIDEOUS!! I don’t normally do it in store but I had a £12 voucher to spend valid from that day. Despite going early the store was still manically busy and it made me feel quite ill looking at everyone stuffing their trolleys. BUT we kept to our list and only bought what we needed. I made a note last year of our Christmas food waste and this year DID NOT buy Brandy Butter !!

2. I also took all my copper change I had been collecting and received a voucher for £4.80.

3. I had saved up all my Boots Advantage points for the year to buy stocking presents for the girls. This totalled £15, and I was also able to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer to pick up six gifts for nothing! I also forgot I had £10 of points on my Body Shop card (I never use it but I think you get £5 added each birthday?!), so I bought more stocking fillers from there 🙂

4. Most of the girls’ presents were new but I did buy second-hand money boxes, specifically for them to save for our big holiday next year:

The money boxes cost between £2-£3 each and were a fraction of the price of first hand ones I had seen for sale online. It only took a couple of weeks of browsing charity shops to find them 🙂

5. I resisted sales shopping! Partly because I couldn’t be bothered, and also because I don’t really need anything. I may, though, have a browse of the charity shops next week and pick up some cards and paper for Christmas 2019 :0