A Simple Christmas – hope you have one too!

A Simple Christmas

Today is my last post in A Simple Christmas series that I’ve been running on my Facebook page here. I finished with a blog post from Ginny Sheller, a homeschooling mother of a large brood of children. She writes about her Catholic faith, but in a non intrusive way. I loved the post she wrote about not getting everything done in the run up for Christmas but that it doesn’t really matter. In her faith, Christmas is not the end of the festive season: it runs until Epiphany on 6 January. So there’s plenty more time to celebrate, spend time with the family and relax…. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year xxx

For a snapshot of the articles I have linked to in this series visit my Pinterest board here.

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A Simple Christmas: some inspiring links

A Simple Christmas series on facebook by secondhand tales

Happy Sunday! These past few weeks I have been running a series on my Facebook page here, featuring links to articles, websites, and posts that look at Christmas from a slower and more purposeful perspective.

For this past week I focused on taking time out at this busy time of year. I included links to sites such as the Green Parent magazine and a mindfulness group that encourages us to take it slow, do one less thing and look after ourselves in what can be the busiest week. Here are the links below-Happy Reading:

I like the idea of trying to do less at Christmas and these three posts, from Mary Scherf, About A Bugg and Tom Hodgkinson explore this concept:




It’s really important to take time for yourself at this time of year (I’m already nursing a cold and cough!). The Mindfulness Project has this interesting post on self-care here, and there are some good tips in this post here from the Green Parent.

Why not take some time away from the bustling crowds and shops and immerse yourself in nature? Last year I discovered the Japanese concept of Shinrin-Yoku, or Forest Bathing here.

A Seasonal Table can be made at any time of the year. Inspired by the Waldorf approach to childcare, this activity enocourages us to celebrate the seasons. This link here from the Green Parent website explains a little more.

For the next week as we lead up to Christmas I will be sharing slightly more spiritual posts – not necessarily about Christmas as I will be looking at Solstice as well. Please pop over to my facebook page to follow.