Welcome to Second-Hand Tales!


Welcome to my brand new blog, Second-Hand Tales. I have been blogging for a few years now, but rather sporadically and without much focus. Second-Hand Tales is my attempt to pull together all the strands of my life that (may) be of interest to other like-minded readers and bloggers.

If I have a philosophy it is to try to live as gently as I can without impacting too much on the world in which I live.  As a family we try to recycle, re-use and reduce our consumption of precious resources. It is often out of economic necessity as well that we do not buy shiny new things that we do not really need.

Fortunately this is where my love of second-hand comes in. If we can buy things that have already been owned then I believe we can reduce our footprint a little. Similarly, anything that is swapped or given freely shows there is an alternative to the money-based system that dominates our lives.

I’m not quite sure where this journey in blogging will take me but I hope you will find time to read, share and feed back. Thank you.