Board games

I recently started playing Monopoly with my daughters and realised that the set we play with is about 35 years old! I distinctly remember saving up my pocket money to buy the board game from WHSmith and, until recently, it still had the price tag on of £5.95!

playing on old monopoly board

The box is very battered now and I have lost some of the money along the way (story of my life!). However the metal counters, cards and plastic houses and hotels are still in good condition. The numbers on the dice are rubbing off though and may have to be replaced soon as it’s hard to tell if you’ve thrown a 3 or a 2.

However we’ve really enjoyed playing this game again and I have realised that, even at the age of 43, I still don’t understand what a ‘preference share’ or ‘annual annuity’ is!

Do you have any old board games that you still play together as a family?