Project 333 Part Two: the shopping haul

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m trying to follow Project 333 where I pare my wardrobe down to just 33 items for the next three months. So far my list is 37. But having sorted through my wardrobe I realised I needed to buy more clothes if everything was going to match and be inter changeable. So off I went to do some second-hand shopping and came back with these:

Teal coloured jumper and burgundy long sleeve t-shirt

Teal coloured jumper and burgundy long sleeve t-shirt

These tops cost a total of £4 (the t-shirt was even reduce to £1).

I deliberated over this stripy jumper (£3) as, strictly speaking, you shouldn’t have patterns in your capsule wardrobe. However I really liked the cut of it and it does still match all my trousers:


My final purchase was first-hand from Gap – but still in the sale (£14.99). I’ve been looking for a blue shirt for ages and I love this one:


So, ironically, this has increased my wardrobe to 41 items. I need to now reduce it by eight items.

Funnily enough since starting Project 333 I have not run out of things to wear and I know there are still items that I haven’t even put on. The weather this month, though, has been unseasonably warm and I have still been turning to my few transitional pieces (dress, short sleeved cardigan, sandals). So there are quite a few items (thick jumpers, winter coats) that I haven’t even touched. As we head towards October I think I will make my final decisions about what to keep and what to put away/re-donate so that I can tuly have just 33 items in my closet.