Another tale of denim: 20 minute upcycled shorts

upcycled denim shorts


There must be some sort of denim theme going on at the moment. I bought a £5 bargain denim dress the other week and at the weekend I upcycled a pair of children’s denim shorts.

You may remember a couple of months ago I attempted to mend the cheap Primark jeans I’d bought my daughter here.

Mending children's jeans

Unfortunately the mend didn’t last very long. So we decided to turn them into shorts and add a fabric cuff. I’d done something similar here a couple of years ago:

upcycling children's jeans

This time we used some spare cartoon style material that I had used to make a cushion cover with.

cushion cover

Following the excellent tutorial below it only took 20 minutes to cut jeans, cut then hem fabric, and then sew it onto the jeans.


My daughter was really pleased with the results – and now she has another pair of shorts to wear this summer. I’m also still using my denim needles for the sewing machine so my £4.66 denim sewing kit is still going well…

Some retail (charity) therapy and a denim bargain!

Last week I found myself with some unexpected spare time in Bath. Whenever I have time to myself and I’m in town I find myself wandering around the charity shops (see here for my guide to secondhand shopping in Bath).

I don’t always expect to buy something in these stores but I love to browse. Although charity shopping is a fraction of the cost of High Street stores (except perhaps Primark and H&M) I am still careful about what I buy. Having flirted with Project 333 for a while I am still strict about what clothes I wear and buy. The danger of charity shops is that you can end up with an armful of clothes that you are a) never going to realistically wear and b) never going to realistically fit into!

I don’t have much on my mental shopping list at the moment but I have wanted to pick up a shirt dress. I have somehow got into denim this year and, while still transforming old jeans into a skirt (nearly there) have been thinking about a denim dress. I recently spotted this one in Fat Face for £45:


Fat Face Denim Dress

On my trip to Bath I had wondered about popping into Fat Face to see if it was reduced in the sale but, lo and behold, the British Heart Foundation shop on Green Street came up trumps. I picked up this brilliant Dorothy Perkins denim dress for just £5!

£5 denim dress

Needless to say it has now become a wardrobe staple and can be worn with lots of layers, leggings, jumpers and shirts. It is also hard wearing and even came on a camping trip last weekend.

It has also sparked my interest in denim and I have added a denim jacket and denim dungarees to my mental shopping list. Whether I can pick them up for a bargain fiver each will remain to be seen…

In the meantime the inspirational Samantha from the Fake Fabulous blog has this post here about wearing denim to work.