Earth Hour 2016

Last night we switched our lights out for Earth Hour. Our household joined in with other people around the UK in turning off our electric lights for an hour as a symbolic act to show we are concerned about our planet. And the UK joined 178 countries (the most ever) in turning off lights.

There were some major landmarks that took part too including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Salisbury Cathedral and (briefly) Tower Bridge.  For more information on the evening read here.

At home we lit candles and watched a family film

Earth Hour 2016

As the hour crossed over with the children’s bedtime they decided to clean their teeth by candlelight (we did however leave the landing light on as our stairs are very steep).

lights out for Earth Hour 2016

It wasn’t until reading an article today that I realise the candles we lit our house with should be soy or beeswax, and not petroleum based (as this adds more pollution). I know that some of our candles are soy (including the ones I upcycled here from the lovely Skye Candle Company). This is something I’m going to look out for in the future.

Apparently previous Earth Hours have reduced electricity use by 4% – although the reason for taking part last night was much more than that. As our world gets warmer we need to act to do something about it.

If you are interested in doing your bit for the environment (and I know many of my lovely readers already do loads) then there’s a useful list here from Earth Day (which takes place on 22 April) or, throughout the year Jen from my make do and mend life here has 365 Ways to Change the World here.

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Switch off your lights for Earth Hour 2016


Earth Hour 2016

Tomorrow evening marks Earth Hour where, from 8.30-9.30pm (local time) we are encouraged to turn off our lights. By switching off electric lights for one hour we are showing that we care about the environment. While it won’t change the planet immediately the act is a symbolic one that shows people are united in doing something to highlight the problems facing our environment.

Only today I read an article here in the Guardian about the fact that the current drought in the Eastern Mediterranean is the worst one in 900 years (although the report doesn’t categorically say that human actions/global warming have caused this drought). However last year was the warmest year on record (see here). Although I can’t say here in the UK we’ve experienced scorching summers it is really noticeable that our last couple of winters have been mild and very wet. For most of us we only have to look outside our windows to know that something strange is going on.

At last year’s Paris Climate Talks world leaders agreed to work to reduce global temperature increases but it is up to us to put pressure on them as I believe we need to do something now.

Switching the lights out for one hour may seem a small thing to do, but if we all did it, it might make the message louder…

candle: earth hour 2016

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