Who do you follow?

How many social media channels do you follow? Do you have lots of Pinterest boards, or do you get your inspiration from Instagram? Do you do Facebook, or prefer to get your news from Twitter? I’m assuming you read Blogs, but how are you with YouTube or SnapChat?

I am very slowly starting to do a Digital Declutter which seems to be a common theme with many minimalist/slow living bloggers.

I am trying to do the following:

  1.  reduce the emails I receive. As I now have an email account at work it is just too much to receive endless messages to read and sift through. At home I am getting into the habit of unsubscribing from a few emails every time I log on.
  2. reducing the number of blogs I follow. I recently went through my Blogroll and deleted all those blogs that haven’t posted this year. (However I now follow their Twitter and Instagram profiles)
  3. really thinking about those social media channels I do use.                                                                                                                                           I have an on-off relationship with Facebook. I can go for days weeks without logging on – hence my secondhandtales Facebook page has few posts. I know, for some bloggers, Facebook is the most important social media channel they use to engage with readers and create new followers. When you look at research figures Facebook is the most used social media   channel. But it just doesn’t really work for me. Likewise, I don’t always engage with Twitter. But that is because I find it too addictive and can easily waste half an hour mindlessly scrolling through my feed. I tend to only use it when following a breaking news story – or when it comes to promoting the Repair Cafe.

However, I do find that Instagram really works for me. I like the visual element to it and the fact that it can become a micro-blogging platform – or in normal speak, it allows people to tell brief stories. I find it is more personal than Twitter but more focused than Facebook can be.

I am also enjoying YouTube more and have a list of slow living/zero waste/minimalist vloggers whose videos I regularly watch (any suggestions welcome!). I still follow Pinterest but have no intention of taking on Snapchat as I feel too old for that!

What are your thoughts on Social Media? Where do you get most of your information and inspiration from? I would be really interested to know if blogs are your channel of choice? If you are active on Instagram I’d love to know (and follow) – are there other accounts you can recommend too?

And speaking of social media, you can find me  on pinterest, facebook , twitter, instagram 

A Simple Christmas – hope you have one too!

A Simple Christmas

Today is my last post in A Simple Christmas series that I’ve been running on my Facebook page here. I finished with a blog post from Ginny Sheller, a homeschooling mother of a large brood of children. She writes about her Catholic faith, but in a non intrusive way. I loved the post she wrote about not getting everything done in the run up for Christmas but that it doesn’t really matter. In her faith, Christmas is not the end of the festive season: it runs until Epiphany on 6 January. So there’s plenty more time to celebrate, spend time with the family and relax…. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year xxx

For a snapshot of the articles I have linked to in this series visit my Pinterest board here.

pinterest-board: A Simple Christmas

A Simple Christmas: some inspiring links

A Simple Christmas series on facebook by secondhand tales

Happy Sunday! These past few weeks I have been running a series on my Facebook page here, featuring links to articles, websites, and posts that look at Christmas from a slower and more purposeful perspective.

For this past week I focused on taking time out at this busy time of year. I included links to sites such as the Green Parent magazine and a mindfulness group that encourages us to take it slow, do one less thing and look after ourselves in what can be the busiest week. Here are the links below-Happy Reading:

I like the idea of trying to do less at Christmas and these three posts, from Mary Scherf, About A Bugg and Tom Hodgkinson explore this concept:




It’s really important to take time for yourself at this time of year (I’m already nursing a cold and cough!). The Mindfulness Project has this interesting post on self-care here, and there are some good tips in this post here from the Green Parent.

Why not take some time away from the bustling crowds and shops and immerse yourself in nature? Last year I discovered the Japanese concept of Shinrin-Yoku, or Forest Bathing here.

A Seasonal Table can be made at any time of the year. Inspired by the Waldorf approach to childcare, this activity enocourages us to celebrate the seasons. This link here from the Green Parent website explains a little more.

For the next week as we lead up to Christmas I will be sharing slightly more spiritual posts – not necessarily about Christmas as I will be looking at Solstice as well. Please pop over to my facebook page to follow.



A Simple Christmas series

A Simple Christmas series on facebook by secondhand tales

I’ve started a new daily series on my Facebook page here and thought I would share it on the blog. Daily blogging can be time consuming- although I cherish the interaction with readers and it feels like a genuine community of like minded souls here. But sometimes other formats (Twitter and Facebook) can also work to share and communicate ideas as well.

But enough rambling… I created a series for the month of December featuring daily posts that will make us rethink the busy-ness of Christmas.I think many of us look on the upcoming festive season as a time of wonder and dread. Wonder at the joyful and exciting time of sharing special experiences with friends and family, and the general feeling of goodwill to all. Yet we also feel dread at the mass consumerism that surrounds us. From Black Friday to Boxing Day sales, and much more in between, Christmas can become a time of frenzy, consumption and debt.

But whatever your feelings at this time of year I wanted to create a little ‘time out’ where, every day, I will post a link to an inspirational website, thoughtful blog post, or my own ramblings, to share another view of the festive season. If you get the chance do pop over to my Facebook page (or follow me on Twitter where I will post a link to the daily thought). Please add any comments or your own links so that we can share our vision of a Simple Christmas together

Second hand tales Facebook page

PS here’s a link to today’s post on Slowing Down at Christmas by the minimalist mom: http://www.theminimalistmom.com/2011/12/one-simple-thing-slow-down/

Tomorrow I will be posting a link to Small Business Saturday.