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I realise it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted my Thrifty Finds 😦

Things have been busy here with kids off school and my other half is standing as a candidate in Thursday’s election (post to follow).

So, apologies for the lack of posting. I hope you’ve still been able to secure some Thrifty Finds, or looked at different ways of stepping off the consumer treadmill for a while.

  1. Re Game of Thrones. We finished Series Five via the library. Then my husband got a free subscription to NowTV with his phone. So, we are now working our way through Series Six….
  2. I’ve been getting into a new habit of making more use of the health food/bulk store in Bath. I’ve been visiting Harvest on Walcot Street to get filled up with washing up liquid (my bus stop is outside so I can do it on my way home)
  3.   I also try to make use of the health food store in Corsham, Green Ginger. I got very excited when I spotted these washing up brush and scourers – both made from recycled materials. You can buy replacement heads for the brush as well.

4. The big news is that I got a new (to me) mobile phone! My first ever smartphone (yes I know I’m rather slow!). My husband had traded in his old mobile and, with that money, I was able to buy a second-hand iphone 5 from the Games Exchange shop in Bath. I also signed up to a deal on ee which has given me some money back to my Qudico account.


5. Finally, we went camping over the Bank Holiday. Every year we camp with my  school friends, and their children, in the New Forest. The weekend is a great opportunity to catch up with good friends, let the children run wild and enjoy some good food (and drink). Apart from camping fees it’s low cost as we all bring food to share. We barely leave the campsite as well – instead we just talk and go for walks.

What did you do over the Bank Holiday weekend? Hope the weather stayed dry for you!

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How many phones does a girl need?

I recently had a clear out of the girls’ bedroom and, to my horror, discovered this collection of old  mobile phones that they play with:


Okay, so the bottom  two aren’t ‘real’ and the others are all obsolete so they can’t call or text their friends with them (although my six year old did say ‘lol means laugh out loud’ yesterday (!?). However I was slightly unsettled by the number of unwanted phones we have. While Phil has a Blackberry I am still smart-phone-less and rely on a rather basic Nokia one that does take pics (purchased from a friend so I guess second-hand). I have been toying with the idea recently of getting an i-phone or something similar to make it easier to pick up emails etc. But do I really need it and who says I have to have one?

I confess to being somewhat of a Luddite when embracing new gadgets, although we did purchase an i-pad at Christmas as a family present which I have become a convert to. I am obviously able to work my way round a computer somewhat by creating this blog, becoming addicted to Pinterest and occasionally checking Facebook. I’m not sure where this rambling is heading to. When faced with waste like this it does make me feel uneasy. Once again I also come across the term planned obsolence. I also wonder what it teaches our children about having to have things (my 11 year old claims she is the only one in her class not to have a mobile phone although I question that).

Anyway the phones are off to the Post Office to be recycled.